7 UI/UX Best Practices you Need to Know!

July 26, 2019 posted by

hi are you unable to convert visitors on your website are you wondering about the possible pain points well apart from any small functional issues user Center design or usability is one major problem that hampers conversion and retention user experience design of your website or application should be usable accessible desirable credible and valuable let's quickly understand seven pragmatic UX techniques for a great user experience one design real time follow modern trends such as micro interactions mobile first material design content focus design and other Maya concepts to know your audience match your layout front Styles and overall design aesthetics with your audience's expectations and personality 3 keep it simple and consistent create simple interactive and easy-to-understand navigation maintain consistency across different sections of your web application for implement a visual hierarchy use bigger elements contrasting background wear white space around elements that users should quickly notice 5 provide instant and intuitive feedback use animation to convey important information to users like a simple message when something is loading or prompting that a field is incorrectly filled 6 simplify your forms don't keep forms if not required and if you have forms then keep fields simple and limited 7 don't confuse your users don't ask your users to perform multiple actions on a single page this will lead to confusion and chaos which will ultimately affect the experience having followed the above techniques you will be able to create unparalleled customer experiences and flawless user interfaces for your websites or applications are you looking out for some more help on UX get in touch with us today talk to our experts you


7 Replies to “7 UI/UX Best Practices you Need to Know!”

  1. GUAVA BEAN says:

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  2. yourtypical internetcommenter says:

    Narrated by a robot, no real tips just generic stuff like it's all about usability facepalm.

  3. Abhinav Srivastav says:

    Terrible narration,sorry,couldn't watcj

  4. Michael Kalmykov says:

    that voice makes me want to kill myself so I can haunt whoever made this for eternity

  5. Guang Life says:

    Why not have a human narrate, it would make for a better user experience.

  6. LastRellik says:

    What's up with the fucking voice? The animation was awesome, but the voice really threw me off.

  7. kani valan says:

    good explanation

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