5X ROCKSTAR ENERGY LOGO DESIGNS. Logo design process from start to finish.

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hello we brain gang and welcome to episode 28 of rebrand everything today we're going to be looking at the Rockstar Energy Drink logo and this idea was submitted by Ray's it designs thanks if you would like to submit an idea of your own click the link in the description it will tell you to rebrand everything calm and you can send your idea over to me let's go so jumping straight into the research I had to look through their current website to see how they use their logo see how they present themselves and just generally soak up that vibe when you look at the website definitely has that Rockstar vibe the super bright colors really contrast with the dark colors that they use and the extreme sports images and general relaxed tone of the whole website so it would give it that Rockstar vibe when you go through to the products page and see the products all next to each other you can see that they've got a really good formula for a really strong brand they managed to change all the colors and quite a lot of the backgrounds and stuff but it's still clear that it's part of the Rockstar brand they've managed to keep that brand strong without making it boring and all of all the cans look the same they've managed to keep my excitement which is really cool they use this large R star graphic icon the largest graphic on the cam and then the color of that seems to change depending on the flavor I think this whole brand is a good example of an average logo being carried by the rest of its branding because even though the logo is never used on its own if you look at it on its own there's a few little problems with it that I think really could be improved the font for the word Rockstar and energy drinks seem to be like exactly the same and I think it's an adapted version of avantgarde regular and they're just used at different sizes so I don't like how this looks is there's too much detail in the smaller text where they've used this stencil thing and the whole thing feels a bit like a missed opportunity to add a little bit more life excitement to the logo the addition of the star is something that I wouldn't normally do because they replace in a letter but in this situation it's okay but I do feel like it could be made a bit more impactful and a little bit more punchy by being bigger and more exciting or maybe it could be the same like stencil style as the writing so maybe it would fit in there better at the moment it looks like kind of like a gold star sticker you get a school just slapped in the middle on this it's not really integrating with the logo just looks like a clock they're like a good idea that needs to be explored a little bit more deeply the stroke on the font is just an absolute no-no for me that is in general I always think if you need to put a stroke on the font for the letters to become readable that you've probably got some sort of bigger design problem on the rest of your page I just really hate putting strokes on fonts the last thing that I'm going to moan about is the outline that they use around the whole wording it's very messy and it's not pleasing on the eye all the gaps don't seem to line up perfectly with the actual letters in previous videos I've done that offset path effect where it kind of makes an exact shape around all of the graphics in this case they haven't done that they seem to have like hand-drawn it or something and the the lines don't seem to align and the lumps and bumps just look a little bit ugly and the whole thing doesn't seem to flow well to my eyes despite me moaning about all of this the Rockstar branding is strong I really think that brand does carry a reasonably average logo I think that can look really good I think their website looks really good and I think today we can just make a much stronger logo that'll really work well with this branding so for the sketching stage as always I was just drawing out every single idea that came into my head started looking at how maybe we could use that star in a more dramatic way and then as well as the evolution logos I started thinking completely like outside of that box as well something that I hadn't thought about until the sketching stage was the fact that Rockstar Games is basically the same idea and they use an R with a star like hanging off the bottom of the R so obviously I want to come away from that because that's a really well-known company I don't want it to look like we're ripping them off before that fonts were going to be a really big part of this logo because the tone of that font really changes the feel and as we're going for such a strong Rockstar vibe font choice is going to be really critical to whether we pull that off or not I was looking at lots of different ways of incorporating the star and constantly thinking about how that would actually translate onto the can I think one of the key parts of what I'm going to do to improve this logo is improve that hierarchy so the word Rockstar really stands out while keeping that energy drink like visible because it's obviously very important but it's not as important as the word Rockstar because that brands been built up over a few years now so I kind of just associate that the fact is on a can its kind of clear that it's an energy drink anyway remember that this month we are running a competition to win this super stylish and super well graphically designed my all you have to do is take a picture or a screenshot of the mug on the website rebrand everything comm post it up on instagram with the hashtag of rebrand everything and at the end of the month a winner will be chosen at random and at the moment there's only one entry so the chances of winning are pretty good so get over to instagram or twitter and do that now for your chance of winning oh yeah and please don't forget to like this video as it really helps the channel out thanks one so forth from one I was thinking about taking the current logo that little bit further so it looks like it's really committed to that style and attitude that the rest of the branding has got so I started out by using the bold version of avantgarde 4 instead of the regular version they're using their current logo and I wanted to make the star feel a lot more part of the logo rather than looking like it was just put there as an afterthought so I looked at the stencil spacing and applied that to the gaps between the arms of the star and the other characters just to get that like integrated in there it seemed to make it feel more like included and integrated into the logo like into the word mark and when I thought that worked pretty well but then I had another little rethink and I didn't think the stencil lit as we're looking so great and I think that's kind of because they just added on to a font that wasn't designed to be a stencil anyway so I thought it'd be better to get a font that was actually designed as a stencil rather than force the stencil lines onto avantgarde I found a font called capture it which also has this texture on it which I fought fitted in with that Rockstar sort of grungy attitude Yves eyeb and then all I had to do was extract some of the pattern from the biggest boldest glyph so I just went into the glyphs menu found like the biggest lump of like character and then just stripped that down so I got the texture out and then applied that to the star and I think it's giving it that little grungy appeal that I wanted so it fits in with the other characters in the word teal so fortunately – I wanted to go the other way where we give it a nice modern clean look which would kind of contrast with the wild backgrounds that they use on the cans and on the website so by doing that we're removing some of the grungy Ness we're removing some of like they're the dirty edges and we're just trying to keep it clean and modern with sharp lines and just more like my usual style and I just thought that might contrast well with the crazy backgrounds that they use there's another benefit of doing something like this the cleaner style is a lot easier to read which is always good for packaging that's sitting on shelf and then I'd also written at the sketching stage about maybe using a tab underneath the logo could change colors to be used as other flavors so when I was designing this I for are going to have a quick look on the website see one of the other flavors and create a quick mock-up of how another flavor might look and when I did this I thought they look better when you change the color of the whole logo which is kind of what they do on their current packaging anyway so I think that would work quite well and by adding that tab we've just got that bigger lump of color which just gives a bit more weight to it and it's a bit more dominant 3 so the sketching stage I've drawn out some ideas where we remove the holes from the letters because it gives it that sort of like carefree attitude which the rest of the brand has I chose a font that has a little bit of character without being too wild just to give it that sort of nonconformist style just a little bit offbeat a little bit crazy I was looking at incorporating a start over to the left and then also inside one of the letters just to sort of give it that sort of punky sort of rogue style as I was developing it i xl work best inside the eye as when it was over to the left are struggling to make the whole logo look balanced it kind of I think because you've got that arm on the are put such a big gap between the AR and like the block that makes it look weird because the gap on the right is the same as the top and the bottom and so suddenly having this big gap on the left looks a little bit weird so I remove the star from the left make sure that the spacing was equal around our text and then I roughened up all the edges by just using the effect this door roughen command and this giving it a little bit more of a grungy sort of punky look and then as a finishing touch I thought we'd have it a little wangle just to give it that even more like I've just been slapped on like carefree fits the attitude of the brand I think or so when I think about just the word Rockstar it isn't really a stencil sort of font that comes to mind it's more of like a black letter sort of rock band font that the first thing that pops into my head so I decided to follow down this Avenue and develop some ink up in that style I had a look on font squirrel and found some fonts that have that vibe and then I put them all next to each other on the place board to see which one look best sort of a fight to the death I just like to show lay them all out in caps and lower case sometimes you find a hidden gem on some of the letters when you put it all in uppercase so I just like to show lower case and upper case next to each other and then pull the best bits from that and in this case when I typed our energy drink I noticed that the capital n had this cool like grungy leg on it which I wanted to put onto the R to give it that little bit more rock-and-roll sort of edgy style so I outlined the font and removed that from the end and added it to our just closing up them paths with the pen tool and just redrawing bits where I needed to and then for the accompanying fun I didn't know whether it was better to use the black letter font in lower case or go with something more wild so I tried both and I still don't know which I prefer but I'm gonna have to decide soon for the final lineup eyes so the sketching stage I've drawn out an idea when we have the R in the center with lots of stars sort of at various angles we've lots of perspective on them so it looks like either the cameras whizzing towards the R and the stars of whizzing past or maybe the stars are just flying out at you but either way it was kind of the idea was that there was a little bit of movement in there a little bit of drama I had a little suspicion that it was a little bit kind of complex from my usual like what I usually like and then I started making it using the 3d tool in Illustrator and giving it lots of perspective so it's got that angled look so I fought that for the footprint that this logo is going to take up not that much of it is actually filled so I think I'm gonna have trouble working that alongside a word mark and getting that balance right so I decided to change the plan little bit do using a similar concept but not quite so complex so I decided to use one of the one of the stars that I've made but in a different way I've started following down the grungy route again by putting this by roughing in the star up and putting it next to sort of this big rough sort of wild fun so I wanted to do something a little bit cleaner but still got that Rockstar vibe so I actually came across the font called Oswald oldest pencil before this font worked pretty well and I fought the balance between clean and stencil II and rocky was quite good so I decided to clean up the stars and use them next to this so by using a star either side of the word mark we'd get that little bit of symmetry and I feel like it kind of leads you into the word him and I feel like that would look pretty good on a cat I mean you're probably going to use it in ninety degrees so it's probably going to look quite good look quite good on a wild background so for oh cool I didn't want it to look sloppy so I pulled some rulers down and just made sure everything aligns don't forget about the competition winner will be chosen at random at the end of this month at the moment there is only one entry so your chances of winning are gonna be pretty good so then rebrand gang just before I show you them final options I just want to remind you to press the like on this video if you haven't already that really helps the channel out press subscribe if you want videos like this every single week and put the little bell and if you want notifications if you would like to submit a rebrand visit rebrand everything calm and there's a forum and you can send your ideas over also don't forget to vote for your favorite you press the little button up here all your options will come up vote for your favorite and we'll see which one wins okay then rebrand gang let's see them final options


8 Replies to “5X ROCKSTAR ENERGY LOGO DESIGNS. Logo design process from start to finish.”

  1. Turbo Taquito [Google] says:

    1 would have been favorite, but the "energy drink" tagline sort of felt out of place. Maybe it was too big or maybe it clashed with the logotype, I'm not too sure tbh. If it weren't for that, 2 is my pick! Great selection this week man

  2. Tom Sims says:

    Controversial, but I'm gunna go with option 5. Considering the context I think it allows the most diversity in its branding. Rockstar is synonymous with extreme sports and big concerts with other logos represent but only one or the other, like I love the first option but its only aiming towards more grungy skater vibes, whereas option 5 has so much potential with the perspective warped star, like movement for tv adverts. Also make that 2 entrants 😀

  3. CTRL- says:

    This one was difficult! Both 1 and 2 were great!

  4. Jorge Meneu Moreno says:

    Go for it dude!

  5. Aegir says:

    I’m the one entry please don’t enter

  6. Rebrand Everything. Famous Logos Redesigned. says:

    So what did you think? Remember to let me know! 👍😛

  7. Ana C Silva says:

    This one was hard to choose lol. You made a pretty good job on every options! I absolutly love the grungy font that you used in Option 1 😀 but I ended up to choose Option 5 because not only of the concept but also for the application on the can, it fits very well (altough i prefer the font that you used before, a bit more rounded)
    Btw, do you want to have more challenges? 😂Because of this energy drink i remembered 'Monster Energy', another energy drink (i will submit on you form 😉)

  8. Kasper Stenbom says:

    Very nice Re! I’mma call you Re, because I don’t know your name hehe 🙈

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