52 Replies to “5 Great Assets for Improving Graphics in Unity 2019!”

  1. King Gore says:


  2. Chrono Wrenchie says:

    Sam? Is that you?

  3. Aashish Singh says:

    But are they free?

  4. Anubhav Gupta says:

    Sykoo 🎉🎉

  5. Anubhav Gupta says:

    Good thing it's FREE

  6. The Woozoo says:

    heey!!! I am 8th comment and ps answer me!
    Is Lenovo G70 good for developing? I am starting!
    Core i7 4510u ✔
    16gb ram ✔
    ssd 250gb ✔
    gtx 850m✔
    Pls Answe me!!! 👍👍✔

  7. Jackson Academy Channel says:

    How 'bout a tutorial on how to do in app purchases for iOS and Google play 😀

  8. Furkan Kahveci says:

    Unity did the right job (Sykoooooo)

  9. Rodrigo Badin says:

    When Sykoo talks we know is the truth.

  10. Dirk Jacobasch says:

    Surforge is definitely a must have for programmers like me. Thanks for the video Sam. I never heard of this asset. 🙂

  11. Dileon says:

    Asset Review //

  12. Anton Ivanov says:

    что толку если эти ассеты не подходят для HDSRP. И сетевого движка нету. Да и вообще куча проблем. Такое ощущение что Unity погналась за двумя зайцами, не поймав ни одного

  13. Nabeel Tahir says:

    Unity Navigation tutorial

  14. Ayrton Olvera says:

    Go sykoo!

  15. Ruben Bekaert says:

    🤔 Where have I seen this guy before?…

  16. Md Shariful Islam 1604064 says:

    Can you mention the price of the assets at the time of recording?

  17. Sunny Apples says:

    Good job Sykoo , keep it up!

  18. Hamza Momin says:

    What about 2d assets?

  19. Mike Pateras says:

    Really enjoyed this. Would like to see more, brief, scripted videos like this in the future.

  20. Yocto Coding says:

    Sonic ether? He made minecraft shaders too

  21. Tin Vojnovic says:

    1:55 dafuq is that os? xdd

  22. CouchFerret makes Games says:

    Ohmm, I'm just gonna leave this here: dab

    I'm sorry I had to do this 😅😔

  23. Hippopotat mus says:

    Nice video sykoo

  24. kimoshwaby says:

    I like the couch this gentleman is sitting on, very stylish.

  25. Beard or Die says:

    Mmm, that's one fine symmetrical couch.

  26. Ekser - Thanks for 50k Subscribers! says:

    Nice ad.

  27. nuggetslug says:

    Mesh Effects – https://ole.unity.com/MeshEffects – $23
    Surforge – https://ole.unity.com/Surforge – $75
    SE Screen Space Shadows – https://ole.unity.com/ScreenSpaceShadows – $20
    Stylizer – https://ole.unity.com/stylizer – $40
    CTS – https://ole.unity.com/CTS – $57

  28. Mateo Ferretto says:

    I'm pretty sure this is actually the moment where having eye-catching graphics is LEAST important than ever to stand out. Actually, it's a moment where time and time again we are proven that graphics don't come as awing anymore but rather other elements of game design and development. So… off to a rough start…

  29. Pulkit Singh says:

    +1 for Sykooo

  30. Desmond Willow says:


  31. Calvin K says:

    You should work out a little

  32. maikson mendes says:

    Any assets with 3d background with particles in 2D game, like unruly heroes or hollow knight ?

  33. Thomas / AlpacaEntertainment says:

    I know him🐔

  34. aditya pratama says:

    Maybe next time you guys can cover the free one :))

    Anyway sykoo is nice as always.

  35. BreakfastBoi says:

    I’m trying to figure out how do I upload a folder to the asset store as an asset

  36. Flash Games says:

    my man sykoo

  37. Kryolyte Studios says:

    I love your videos dude. You're amazing! Keep up the good work!

  38. Paul says:

    I've been interested in Stylizer for a while now 🙂

  39. MegaFelicks says:

    Too little, too late

  40. Alessandro leagueoflegend says:

    tarkov will run always at 15 even if u give them the GODS ENGINE

  41. # f says:

    Народ подпешытесь на меня обещяю интересный контент пж

  42. # f says:

    Народ подпешытесь на меня обещяю интересный контент пж

  43. # f says:

    Народ подпешытесь на меня обещяю интересный контент пж

  44. Harshdeep Dwivedi says:

    Ma boi sykoo!!

  45. Timo B. Weiße says:

    YEAH! Boost the Asset Store sales with Ads in the official channel! -Unity gets 30% share. xD

  46. StrikeDragonn says:

    Unreal engine fan: Oh, but can you improve it even more? Of course not. 😂😂😂

  47. Gkagk says:

    Last, but not least..

  48. Bryan Marsh says:

    Does anyone know if the asset Gaia Work in the 2018.3.6

  49. Justin Bieber says:

    Unity buys Sykoo channel?

  50. Maksim Sobolev says:


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