4 Things Every Graphic Designer Should Know

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what is up guys welcome back to another video if you're new to the channel my name is Charlie pangas thank you so much for checking out my channel subscribing and hitting the thumbs up button and all that good stuff today's are pretty chill video I put together four things that I think every graphic designer should know so I'm gonna go over those right now before I actually get into the video I wanted to let you guys know that I am getting another camera which might delay Thursday's video a little bit it might be uploaded pretty late into the day what I did is I actually sold my lumix g7 the one I'm using right now I'm not a big fan of it as far as just an overall camera goes because I want to start doing more photography and I don't think this is the best camera for that so so I sold this camera and I got a Canon a TD which is on its way to my house right now so I'm basically just trying to like transition smoothly without missing any content so don't worry Thursday's videos should go up just fine but I want to let you guys know ahead of time anyway so let's go and get into the video so four things that every graphic designer should know number one clients will not come to you guys you need to go to the clients a lot of people don't think about this because they think that they're already getting a few clients each month so they're fine but what is a few clients right I mean don't get me wrong don't get me wrong any clients better than no client but but when you're only getting a few clients how are you gonna survive as a freelance artist you need way more than two clients per month to survive right I mean me I need at least ten clients per month so I can pay my bills so anyway and that goes into what you charge too but I'm not gonna get into that so if you charge a boatload of money for each design you can totally make do with just two clients but you might not make happy clients because you're charging way too much for your work so you kind of have to know what kind of quality you're putting out and price accordingly so if you're a great designer by all means charge what you want but anyway you don't want to wait for your clients to come to you you need to go to them because if you're trying to make a living as a freelance graphic designer you need to actually push yourself you need to sell yourself you need to sell the artwork that you produce now obviously you don't want to bug this out of people you don't want to keep reaching out to the same person over and over again but it won't hurt to send certain people your work just to show them what you can do and also as I mentioned before post on social media because that's how you're gonna spread your work to new eyes and when you get new eyes basically new people looking at your stuff you're gonna you're gonna create interest naturally and what that's going to do is it's going to you clients in the long run it might not be the fastest process like it's not gonna happen overnight but if you keep doing it you will start generating clients each and every month and you can actually afford to be a freelance designer and you won't have to go get a day job or whatever so what I like to do just to give you an example of what I do to search for clients is not only do I post on social media I also post on blogs and stuff like that like I use a site called mentees and I post all my merchandise designs on there and a lot of bands actually end up hitting me up as well as record labels and sometimes I'll even email bands and record labels and I'll just tell them hey do you have any bands that need merchandise designs here's a few that I already made let me know if any of these fit your bands that are currently on your roster so you just need to reach out to people and that kind of goes without being said the second point is do not be afraid of going out and finding inspiration a lot of people are stuck in this like little bubble right like as a designer we can get stuck in this little bubble and we don't want to adventure out and search for other forms of inspiration we just want to sit in our office like I am right here and just kind of expect creativity to come to us but sometimes you have to go searching for creativity because creativity is a different beast sometimes it's in all forms you can walk out your front door and see a beautiful flower and get inspiration from it so I hope you get what I'm saying here maybe you're just walking down to the coffee shop and you see a couple signs that you really love and there's some really cool logos on those signs that's stuff that creates inspiration it actually helps feed your creativity so you want to be doing those things you want to actively search for inspiration don't be scared of doing that guys get out of your bubble go adventure out wherever it is that you'd like to go and see if you could find some inspiration write it down take photos of whatever inspires you and go back to your office and I promise you your creativity is gonna be up to here after you're done with that with that adventure that you went on so anyway go out and find inspiration don't be scared get a little bubble guys it's not good to be in that bubble you will lose creativity and you will lose inspiration and you will want to give up so quick faster than you can even start so that was number two we're moving on to number three number three is don't be afraid of using Photoshop and illustrator together they are like brother and sister guys you need to use them together there's such awesome programs and they work seamlessly together so let me give you an example of how I would use illustrator and Photoshop together well first off I use illustrator to create all my line work and I do all my texturing in Photoshop and it's different for photo editing obviously when you do photo edits you want to use Lightroom or Photoshop and you don't want to use those straighter but this is we're talking about graphic design here guys we're talking about actually creating illustrations and all that stuff so what I like to do is I like to use illustrator for all my crazy line work and then I transferred the line work to Photoshop to texture it and mock it up so I love using both the programs together because like I said they work so great together and they really are like brother and sister just experiment with illustrator if you don't use it already so many of my friends and so many of the designers I've seen use Photoshop and I'm 110 percent okay with that but illustrator is definitely a great program and you need to check it out most people get intimidated by illustrator for some reason but they're not that far from each other okay they're actually not that hard to use and if you can use Photoshop I promise you you can definitely use illustrator give it some time get to know the program spend a couple days here and there to get familiar with all the tools in illustrator and where everything is located set it up how you like it and I promise you you will get it down in no time at all so last but not least number four is learn to take a break I wish I knew this when I first started I used to think that working every single day until my eyeballs fell out was a great thing to do and that's what you need to do in order to succeed but the truth is you're not gonna succeed if you put out bad work and what I mean by this is if you work yourself too extensively what's gonna happen is you're gonna get exhausted really really fast and you're not going to be creative and you're gonna want to give up and it's gonna cause a lot of other things like mental breakdowns and stuff like that so you definitely want to take a break so your creativity can kind of I guess you can say fill back up because it doesn't run out after a while and we do hit these I know a lot of writers hit writer's block but artists get the same exact thing any to anybody that's doing anything creative can hit this roadblock and it's hard to jump over that roadblock unless you know how and I think by taking a small break you can not only refill your creativity but when you come back to work when you start creating again you're gonna be that much stronger and your creativity is gonna show through your work because you're gonna be putting out way better work so don't be scared to take a day break here and there without creating anything because it's good for your brain it's good for your mental stability go outside take a walk if you need to take a small break even if it's for a few hours only whatever whatever it is that you like – do you do you just make sure you take a break guys and trust me when I say that because when I first started I was a little workaholic I would work day and night just creating different types of art and I exhausted myself so much and I continue to do that ignoring my body ignoring my mind but recently I've learned to take breaks and just kind of go with the flow instead of forcing myself to do things that I don't want to do let it come naturally guys that's my biggest advice letting it come naturally can actually be number five if we really wanted it to be because that's actually a really good point letting things come naturally usually get a better result at the end and when you do that instead of forcing it so that's part of taking a break so take a break don't rush anything and just enjoy the process guys and embrace it and don't overdo it because you will wear yourself out man I wish I would have knew these things when I first started designing but I didn't have anybody to teach me and fortunately for you guys you have me and I just gave you guys four things to know as a graphic designer I hope you enjoyed it if this video helped you out at all if you enjoyed it let me know in the comments section below hit the thumbs up button if you liked the video subscribe if you haven't already and I will see you guys in Thursday's video


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  1. Aijaz Saifi says:

    I was scared before watching this video but now I feel good and tomorrow I am going for interview!! Thanks bro

  2. jude adesotu says:

    Hey Charley, loved your video… want to be a professional buh I don't know how.

  3. Luis Monterroza says:

    Hey Charlie, great video! I was hoping to get some advice from you. I went to an art school for advertising/marketing and learned adobe photoshop, illustrator and indesign. I’m also an artist- I work with acrylics, charcoal, watercolors, etc. I’m looking to make a career change into graphic design but I’m not sure where to start. I believe I have a good foundation for graphic design but I want to know what steps you recommend I take to get started. Thanks!

  4. Donald Enox says:

    What kind of printer do you use what did you start out with what would you suggest me to start out with

  5. MACY MATUB says:

    subscribed 👍

  6. Kevin Key says:

    Hey Charley, have you used a Huion Tablet and if so would you recommend it as a starter tablet?

  7. Michael F. says:

    What was that website called. ? Menties ?

  8. Dan Ross says:

    I can't agree more with the part about overworking yourself. As a once successful designer for my needs, I completely overworked myself and I have been in a rut for the last year. My work has gone down in quality and I don't have the motivation to keep up my work. You need to find your limits when it comes to how much work you actually do, don't put yourself into the same situation!

  9. Harsh Kumar says:

    You are my mentor and I feel proud saying this <3

  10. Supapoar Samgamiam says:

    Haha i think so take a break sometimes

  11. celeste says:

    So true about design block. I'm a graphic designer as well as a novelist and I def have experienced both, design block and writer's block….good tutorial Charley, thanks!

  12. Akinola Olayinka says:

    what are line work?

  13. MadeByNolan says:

    Nice video! Would you be able to link that website you mentioned ? Thanks 🙂

  14. Erik Yabroff says:

    Around 2:33

  15. Erik Yabroff says:

    What was the merch site he post his work on?

  16. Cody Brown says:

    Really enjoying your videos, great content. Keep it up!

  17. droidzoid says:

    Kinda curious why you use PC instead of Mac to design. Most design agencies tend to be Mac based these days but anyways love the videos! Keep it up!

  18. Jordan Spencer Newell says:

    interesting & helpful .Thank you 🙏

  19. Melissa Wilson says:

    Great job as always

  20. Kris.K says:

    Hey Charlie,

    Have you done any reviews on a surface pro,to use for illustrator and Photoshop?

    Im looking at getting a drawing styles tablet,for my design work using illustrator and photo shop.
    I was just wondering if they are any good for this line of work.

  21. Mike DezinesbyEM says:

    Another great video with awesome info! You are the man!

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