3DS Max – Could Not Initialize The Graphic Device – Fix

August 18, 2019 posted by

Hi, in this video we will discuss a
situation where you open 3DS Max and it gives you this error message
saying: “Could Not Initialize The Graphic Device”. Well, to fix that you can update
your graphics driver, but if you don’t want to do that because maybe you don’t
have time, or you are not sure how to do it. There is a
workaround for this. Go to Start menu, look for the folder that contains your
version of 3DS Max, in my case it’s 2015, open this folder and look for “Change
Graphics Mode”, click on that. Now 3ds max will try to open and as you will see
now before it is fully opened it will show you a small dialog box that let
you change the graphics mode. Ok, well in my case the default is
Nitrous Direct3D 11 (Recommended), the reason why you saw this is because I was
recording the same video before and something happened and I had to do it
again, but in my case the default is this, and maybe in your case you will see this
too. So, you click this drop-down menu and choose another one. Well, try the second
one first, then click OK. Now 3DS Max will resume, it
will continue its starting process. it will open as you can see. If
everything goes normal Max will work as usual. If it doesn’t work you can go
to this process again and of course after closing max, and try a different
mode from the list. And basically that’s it. I hope it was a useful video and
thank you for watching! 🙂


14 Replies to “3DS Max – Could Not Initialize The Graphic Device – Fix”

  1. Nekro Krew says:

    Thank you very much for the video, it was quite useful for me you saved me!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  2. Hanif Khoeroni says:


  3. Aireth Martinez says:

    Hey thanks for the video! But what can I do when it already shows me "Nitrous Direct 3D 9 (Recommended)" and it doesn't start correctly. – (I just installed the 2018 Student version and that error happened.) I will appreciate very much your help!!

  4. Ankur Kumar says:

    Thanks Rizk It did work, i was really struggling with this issue of display . thanks keep helping 🙂

  5. Siri Halstadtrø says:

    Thank you so much you saved me

  6. ubaidulla v says:


  7. ijaz khan says:

    Thanks Bro…….

  8. José André Chirinos Zárate says:


  9. Shahan Akhter says:

    Thanks alot😊

  10. Red Vanquish says:

    yeah Direct 3d 11 or 12 are not showing up for me, and I use Direct 3d 12.

  11. JairDuffel Castillo says:

    2 hours with this stupid problem, and the solution in 10 seconds, thanks dude!

  12. Meryl Lee says:

    thanks it luckily worked on the second one

  13. jason mccreadie says:


  14. Godwin Edet says:

    did not work for me but thanks anyway.

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