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hey how's everyone doing today this is Josh Noel with premium bee and in this After Effects video I'm gonna show you three different techniques when working with typography so here we are inside of After Effects and the goal this video is to show you how to create clean text that has simple animation to it but it looks very professional so it's going to create our first composition by clicking the composition over here and we can call it 1 and click OK so first things first when creating great titles you need to have good typography design so you need grab textile tool and we want to type out our text so we'll talk about premium beat this by itself is generally not very good it's very small so what we get need to make sure is that the title is nice and large that takes up most of this black space in here so that should be decent and we go to the align tab and Center this up in the center of our composition if you don't see the aligned tab go up to window align and there's your text and now we can type out a subtitle now it's not all the time you need to have subtitles but let's just say you are working with subtitles so we can come here and type out our second title so now we have our second title in here and obviously this looks bad not only is it going out of frame but even if we kept it out the style and made it smaller there's no contrast in our text and we need to make sure that when there are subtitles that there is contrast so what we can do to create contrast within our titles is to make sure that maybe we're using the same typeface which is Gotham here and when you have a typeface full of different fonts in here obviously we were working bold now we can set it to light and there's automatically contrast between the two titles now we need to make this a little bit smaller so we can you know put this in frame and we're even creating more contrast when doing this so we can have this kind of stretched out completely to the other side here like this and there's apparent contrast between these two titles now we can go even further with this we can maybe make the type top title here part of our logo color so that's fine so obviously now there's definitely that contrast here but but there's something about the subtitle that says hey this is still kind of big you know there's the contrast is not as great as we can make it so what we can do is continue to make this smaller and you know you can always Center this up there's many ways to position this but let's just say you want it to have it going across your main title what you can do is that there is a tracking icon down on here and you can increase this and you'll have the tracking like this now this is good at all to do it over here but I don't suggest doing it over on the character window what I suggest doing is make sure your text layer selected over here you open it up you go to animate and you add tracking and you can increase the tracking like this and the reason why you want to do it this way is only if you want to you know animate the tracking amount so you can add a keyframe for this and you can now animate the tracking of the title so I just wanted to show you how to do it that way if you wanted to animate the tracking now what's very important is that we want to have both of these titles aligned correctly so you can grab off the layers go to line tab and you can left align them and or Center align them I'm going to left align because from here I can just readjust the tracking amount so I'll set this to 28 and now we have this perfect block like this and you know it looks very comparable you wanna make sure that's matched up especially you can so now that we have our title nicely designed in here we want to animate this and there's multiple ways we can animate this title so the first real technique I want to teach you is the mask transition so essentially what we're going to do is we're going to make sure that premium beat is gonna be two different layers so we want premium to be just premium and then we want to create another text layer and call it beats even though premium beat is our logo we're gonna reveal it on as two words so what we're going to do is select over layers that appear to keyboard for position add a keyframe for that and we'll move these keyframes forward in time until maybe like two seconds or so and we're going to move the beats over to the left side of our comp here and the premium over to the right side so we're basically going to get this and don't worry about it I know it looks terrible but when we're going to work on it so go to the royalty-free music or your subtitle and we can move this up so basically this is what we're getting so now what we want to do is precompose each of these layers individually so select your first layer go to layer pre-compose and you can call it title one go to the second layer pre-compose that as well call it title to go to the last layer and you call it title three all right so now we have to create masks now we can grab our title one down over here and we want to position our playhead after the transition or the animation and we'll draw out a mask like this and then we will copy this mask and paste it onto title to hit em on our keyboard and click on subtract so now these two words are coming in at the same point and then for the title 3 we'll draw a nice mask here to be right underneath the title here so now boom you get this and we'll move title 3 over in time so premium beat comes out a little bit nice okay and we ran preview this real fast you'll see that we have our reveal just very simply like that coming in from each other like that so that's a cool way to reveal on now let's talk about animating this title a little bit differently so here we are in another composition I already have premium be Emirati free music as a main title and a subtitle and I want to open up premium beat layer and I'm gonna go to animate and let's do a position and what we can do here is we can offset the position like this so maybe we can bring it from the top and from here we can open up range selector add a keyframe for start percentage we can move forward in time and set this to 100% and what's gonna happen is we're gonna have each letter just dropping in here like this and we what we can do is maybe Bank both these keyframes easy ease keyframes by hitting f9 on our keyboard and we don't run up the graph editor right over here this icon over here we can select this keyframe the last one and we can drag out this vertices and essentially what's gonna happen is that the ending is gonna slow down a lot more than before so preview that real fast I'll show you what I mean so this is essentially what we have and we can of course you know move this out in time and of course you can always refine and with the graph editor you can control the speed of your animation and now we have this drop in from our main title here and let's take the same exact concept and let's apply it to royalty-free music once again go to animate click on position if we want we can have it dropping in from down here and go to range selector of course once again you want to want to do this start percentage you move forward today we'll do like two seconds set 200% and now you'll notice that you know each letter is coming at the same time but maybe that's not what we want and we'll go to the Advanced tab and we go to based on we can set it to words so now and now instead of just being characters it's now the words and of course I'll just remove this – here even though technically you're supposed to put a hyphen there it's gonna remove the – real quick just to show you a little bit further in detail and you get that and maybe instead of having it come down where we have it come up word and essentially this is what you have and with that technique last time we can pre compose this and you that's the same exact mask reveal technique click on subtract and moves over and now you have premium beat coming down by letter and then you have royalty-free music dropping in by a word with that mask technique that was showed in tip number one and this is how to animate with tip number two and also keep in mind that you just don't have to do position you up you also have scale skew rotation opacity tracking you can have all the control over here to animate it any way that you want any transform values so you don't have to be loaded just to position and in our third and final technique we're gonna work with shapes so we're gonna reveal on our text and animate it with shape layers so maybe our title doesn't have to move at all but this is what we're gonna do so maybe we can start off with like this nice you know rectangle over here and we want this to reveal on our title so maybe we'll actually bring up two other side and what we do is hit Peter on keyboard for position as I keyframe there move forward we'll go to two seconds again since this sort of nice sweet spot for this video and we'll have it going across like this so now we have this shape animation going on in here and we want this to be revealed on from the shape so what we can do over here is grab premium beat and we can grab the rectangle tool and we'll just draw out a mask like this from the rectangle that covers up the entire title and you come into the mask path you open up the mask one and go to the mask path add a keyframe for that move forward to the end of the animation and you sleep both these points over here and you move the mask in and we'll set the mask to subtract so now the shape is going to reveal on premium beat like that now of course the shape has to animate out we don't want it to stay there so what we can do if the shape is weakened go open up shape layer one goes the contents go to the rectangle one go to rectangle path we can break the chain for size we can add a keyframe for size move this keyframe forward in time by a few frames and set the X size to zero so now he'll just come on like that and they'll go across and right at this point we can on our keyframe for size that back just by a little bit and set the X size to zero again maybe further design down here we'll just grab the rectangle tool and we'll just draw out an entire background over royalty free you can put it underneath our subtitle and we can change the color here at the top to you know any other color we want so maybe we'll do like a medium grey here and of course we're gonna want psycbooks layers and make sure that they're centered and what I want to do is go to this new shape layer go to contents go to rectangle path one and bright change for size and when you're sewing very similar here we'll add a keyframe for size we'll move this forward to like two seconds and we'll set this down to zero and now we have this animation and I want the title to be revealed on by this animation and maybe we'll even keep the background so what we can do I'll call this one sub shape what we can do is grab our you know subtitle shape layer here duplicate it by going up to edits do okay and we're bringing our royalty-free music in the middle between the two duplicate layers and make sure royalty free music selected and set this to alpha mat so now our main title or subtitle will be filled on five the shape and of course we can grab these three layers and move them back in time and that's essentially how you can put this together and of course with any 2d motion graphics especially with titles you got to turn on motion blur turn on over here it turn out the top and now you'll have that nice you know motion blur in there and you should be good to go let's go ahead and render this out and see what we have alright and here's our render of everything here and we have our titles being revealed by shapes so we were able to use mask to reveal on our titles we were able to animate each of our words and letters individually and we were able to use shapes to animate our title so so hope you guys enjoyed this video and we're able to take away several techniques from it so hope you guys enjoyed this video for more tutorials please be sure to check out our blog at premium be calm and if you're the need for royalty-free music we have a huge library full of great music for your projects so if you have the time I invite you to check us out on premium beat com and once again thank you for watching this video and this has been Joshua Noel from premium beat com


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    Love your tutorials! Could you speak a little bit slower?

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    The singular of vertices is vertex.

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    Nice job. Well explained and helpful.

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