24. Computer Graphics ugc net previous year Question

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  1. Karamjit gsm says:

    Not clear see

  2. Monika Sangwan says:

    Mam plz cocomo model ki power solve kraye effort an duration vale plz……unka koi solution h bhi ya nhi exam near aa Raha h ager apke pass solutions method h to kraya

  3. Mubark Dar says:

    mam would u like to upload the videos of operating system.because i love ur art of teaching

  4. Mubark Dar says:

    mam you have drawn a line by ur choice and suggest x and y as zero.if we draw a line not like this then what will be the value of x and y.

  5. Lippon choudhury says:

    Once again u r superb

  6. Vidu Sharma says:


  7. anshul thakur says:

    Thanks 🙂

  8. Saritha ammu says:

    Nice explanation.do you have telegram app mam

  9. Abdul Hannan Siddiqui says:


  10. swamy pediredla says:

    i want lectures on expert systems and neural networks

  11. ugc cse says:

    June 2012 paper 3rd question no. 63
    if a and b are the end points of a line then which one of the following is true

  12. simarjeet kaur says:

    The end points of a given line are (0,0) and (6,18). Compute each value of y as x steps from 0 to 3, by using equation of straight line:

    For x=0, y=0; x=1, y=3; x=2, y=6; x=3, y=9
    For x=0, y=1; x=1, y=3; x=2, y=4; x=3, y=9
    For x=0, y=2; x=1, y=3; x=2, y=6; x=3, y=9
    For x=0, y=0; x=1, y=3; x=2, y=4; x=3, y=6

  13. simarjeet kaur says:

    i follow ur all lect series of cg now i hv good understanding of subjects bt there are some problems whn i am solving previous yrs questions

  14. simarjeet kaur says:

    thnku so much mam 100% satisfied

  15. Priyanka Kalra says:

    Nice mam

  16. Harpreet sandhu says:

    Nice explanation

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