2019 iPhone 11: New Features & Design!

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35 Replies to “2019 iPhone 11: New Features & Design!”

  1. Malli Bokka says:

    Worst design.. Looks very cheap…

  2. Flipped_itover says:

    I have AT&T iPhone XS Max and note 9 Verizon… I always gotten every iPhone. The iPhone 11 I question is Safari going to be faster??? what big improvements will it have???? It’s like I’m wondering should I shell out another $1500

  3. Jack Hutton says:

    Ugly ass phone

  4. SIRKSxFUNK says:

    Samsung Galaxy 11 it is.

  5. UKVATO says:

    Is it the same spec ?

  6. Messiah Johnson says:

    In my opinion it is ugly the x is better in my opinion

  7. warren gaskin says:

    I’m holding out for 2020. I just picked up a new iPhone XR on sale at Best Buy for 600 dollars so that should hold me over till then

  8. LuisGyG, Geeks y Gadgets says:

    Great content! Falta poco para el evento

  9. John f Kennedy says:

    Bigger chip, additional camera, same boring design. WOW what an innovation. This phone sucks ass! Still have iPhone 7 due to lack of Apple coming out with a better phone. I’m about ready to jump to Samsung! They have a better product right now.

    FYI: this video is soooo long! You’re wasting my time, learn to get to the point!

  10. Yasmina Vay says:

    Hmm like right now I have iPhone 8 Plus but now apple is not the best smartphone because on first place is Samsung then HUAWEI and only then apple so I really wish I get HUAWEI hehe 😂

  11. Mav - Brawl Stars says:

    Is it real?

  12. Hassanali khan says:

    Just Hate camera design,, what a peice of crap… learn something from android how to place 3 cameras

  13. Lord Of frog says:

    Start adding low level music in the background gd job

  14. Lord Of frog says:

    Give the 11r an oled screen and I’m on it if not gold 11, my 8 red is getting boring

  15. Lord Of frog says:

    I like the new camera design

  16. FIZZ ZICKK says:

    Apple really need to upgrade their camera especially for the night mode. Wide angle will be a good idea too

  17. King poopacabra says:

    Can't wait to upgrade my iPhone 6s which I had for 4 years this year being the 5th

  18. ッ TRXPEDッ. says:


  19. Gibson Angel René says:

    I always bought the last new iPhone now I want to buy my first android phone , I wanted to see the difference

  20. Gibson Angel René says:

    When people really care for a wide angle camera it means the most have a fat girlfriend or the are fat them self. 🤡

  21. Ventus Protege says:

    I believe that Apple should go to the Magsafe Power Design for the newer iPhones it would allow for faster charger as well as transferring data to and from a device and maintain an elegance to the device

  22. Gibson Angel René says:

    I am from the Netherlands whe have fast internet so it is not too blame the internet speed

  23. Gibson Angel René says:

    Apple is just like Nokia the realy think the can get awa whit this but look at number 1 Nokia long ago one huge mistake and you are gone,i paid 1259$ for my first iPhone X even today or day one my older iPads are 2 times faster even my new iPhone max is slower then my 2018 iPad only in 4K editing the iPhone beating the ipad

  24. Moudire Ifan says:

    A nice, informative video.
    In fact, I really like the triple lens camera.

  25. Tyebrea Battle says:

    I doubt I’m going to upgrade from my xs max. That camera is ugly

  26. Gabriel Valencia says:

    Why does every tech YouTuber have the coolest back rounds and really greats

  27. Bumworshipper says:

    I really don't like the idea of temporary times to edit in the widescreen shots. I edit on my Mac in affinity photo, and obviously if I'm out taking photos I'm not editing on the fly.

  28. Peter Park says:

    2020 iphones better not have modem chip from Intel. I want Qualcomm chip

  29. Jakob Benz says:

    My upgrade is in 7 months and will definitely get the 11 max from my iPhone X

  30. Peter Park says:

    I am tired of same old ugly design every year.

  31. Cory-T says:

    That 2020 iPhone gonna be lit

  32. Sue g says:

    Whhat the helll is that

  33. Vonneke Warlich says:

    What date are they out for purchase ..😉

  34. AW Soprano says:

    Great tech and ugly as hell lol

  35. Millkid20 says:

    Everyone hating on the cameras just like they hated in the X’s camera when it first came out too. People don’t like change. I personally love the change if it means better photos.

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