2018 i9 MacBook Pro and eGPU Review!

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– Hey guys, how’s it going? It’s Justine, and today
we’re gonna be talking about the new 2018 MacBook
Pro that just came out, and I’m so excited because
I’m going to be doing a little bit of a comparison between the 2018 MacBook
which is over here, the iMac 18-Core, and the 2016 MacBook
Pro which is over here. But all three computers behind
me are completely spec’d out. So the specs that I ended
up getting in the 2018 is the 2.9 i9 processor, 32 gigs of RAM, and yes, I did opt for the
four terabyte hard drive. One of the things that
is a big misconception I think, with a lot of normal people, a lot of consumers who
don’t know any better, is hard drive space. I know a lot of you guys
are super tech-savvy, so you probably are already aware of this, but hard drive space make
such a huge difference when you’re doing anything. Copying files, editing, rendering those videos
that you’re editing. So I decided to do a
hard drive speed test. I ran them on all three
of these computers. Normally, when I edit, I am editing off of a Samsung T5 drive. It is a solid-state
drive, it’s two terabytes. So because I travel a lot, this is what I basically edit almost all of my content off of. This is significantly
slower than the hard drives that are inside of these MacBooks. The 2016 MacBook Pro was only able to go up to two terabytes, 16 megabytes of RAM, and this is the i7 2.9
GigaHertz processor. And this 18 Core iMac Pro, I did end up getting the
four terabyte hard drive, and I also upgraded the RAM to 128 gigs, which is quite excessive. One of the craziest things I think there were tons of
memes and stuff going around is the price jump of the hard drive. Because if you wanted
to completely spec out this 2018 MacBook, the four
terabyte solid-state drive was like, $3,400. That’s a lot of dollars. That’s an entirely new computer. The iMac Pro 18-Core four
terabyte solid-state drive. The right speed was
2,908 megabytes a second, and the read speed was
2,531 megabytes a second. Now let’s compare that to this drive, which is a Samsung T5,
and this is about $800. The right speed is 429 megabytes a second, and the read speed is
500 megabytes a second. I still edit pretty much
everything off of here, but the past few videos, the Linus tour that I
did, and the MKBHD video, those were all shot on red, so I edited both of those
directly on my laptop. And I could really tell a difference, because I was so used to
editing off this drive, that this is sort of what my normal was, until editing off of this drive, because my previous MacBook
only had two terabytes. So that was almost not even an option to be able to edit
multiple videos on there. Two terabytes, the right speed was 1,491, and the read was 1,067 megabytes a second. Now that brings us to
the 2018 MacBook Pro. 2,659 megabytes a second, versus the read speed of
2,650 megabytes a second. So really what this leads
is the hard drive in here is almost just as good as the hard drive that is in this iMac Pro. Another thing that’s new
in the 2018 MacBook Pro, was the True Tone display. So much like your iPhone,
or any other phones, or any other displays
that tend to change colors or shift as the day or the light changes, it is an option. You also can turn it off, especially if you’re doing graphics or anything that your color
needs to be very true. But I’ve actually left it on because I’ve been doing a lot of email and some scripts and things like that. So you can definitely tell a difference if you’re looking for it, but what’s cool is you
don’t really notice it as the light is changing. It’s just something that is, it’s just, magically
happening before your eyes, I don’t really know
how else to explain it. Oh, I feel like I have so much
I wanna cover in this video but it’s super overwhelming to try to gather all of my thoughts, because I also wanna talk about the eGPU. Now I did a render test, just to see if it would make
a difference in Final Cut Pro and it didn’t make one at all. Where the eGPU would come in handy and if this is something
that you’re doing, this will also work very well with one of the old 2016 MacBook Pros. The eGPU will work great if
you’re doing 360 content. If you have a VR headset
connected to the eGPU, it will use the graphics card in the eGPU as opposed to your MacBook, and you can still have the external Thunderbolt
monitor connected as well. So for a lot of people who are
just normal tech consumers, may have no idea what an eGPU is. It is an external
graphics processing unit. So what’s cool, is Apple
has basically created a plug and play solution for an eGPU. Previously, it’s not
really that crazy complex, but it definitely wasn’t as easy as a plug and play solution, and since it’s eGPU isn’t upgradable, what you have is what you get. But, this thing is kind of crazy because you basically
plug it in and it works. There’s nothing, you don’t
have to do anything else. So if you do use the eGPU and you don’t use an external monitor, there will only be a few apps that really will be able
to take advantage of it. One of those is Davinci Resolve. I might have to ask some
favors from some friends who I know are very proficient in Davinci. They can do a demo for me, so that I can actually give you guys a very accurate depiction of
what that actual process is. So let me know if that’s something that you guys would be interested in. I also would like to find some
friends who edit in Premiere so that I can give you
a full demo of that. Although I’m pretty positive there’s a bunch of
people already on YouTube that have done that already. Whereas I’m over here, Final Cut for life. I am a ride or die FCP10, baby! Not to sidetrack too much, I actually started editing in Premiere maybe like, 15 years ago. And then I learned after
effects, and then after that, I went and edited Avid for years, and then I was like, “This sucks! Why are we using Avid “to do some very simple tasks? “I’m teaching myself Final Cut.” And then I learned Final Cut,
and then it just all was, I guess it was uphill? And then it took a slight
downhill when Final Cut 10 was completely redesigned. And then I stuck with it, and
then slowly, slowly, slowly we were on the incline. And now I am absolutely in love, and I think a lot of the people who did switch over to Premiere, may be back and potentially
eyeing up Final Cut, I don’t know, correct me if I’m wrong. We now have way more advanced
color grading options. We can edit 360 video. It’s been my platform of choice. I have edited thousands and
thousands of videos on it. What else was I gonna do? Oh, you may notice that we’ve got three
Xbox controllers here. I play Fortnite on Xbox and on Nintendo Switch. I wanted to test out Fortnite
on all three of these Macs. Which crazy, I actually
have not played Fortnite on a Mac yet. Surprising, I know. And then when I was traveling, my sister and I would
actually travel with a PC, and I would play Fortnite
specifically on the PC while I was editing on my Mac, so it got a little unnecessary. So I am excited to try out Fortnite. I did just order one
of the 5K LG monitors. I wanted to find somebody that had it, but none of my friends had it, so I was like, “Shoot.” I need this to test
out this eGPU properly. These are my three
favorite Xbox controllers. This is my custom one, that I got made. It’s got my little gamer tag on it. This is my Minecraft pig controller. And then last but not least, this is one of the newer ones
that they just came out with. I love this teal color,
it matches my iPhone. I’ve gone on so many
tangents on this video, I’m so sorry. So the first test that I really wanna do, is a render test, because
most of my time is spent in Final Cut and exporting
and rendering and Compressor. So I’m gonna export it in
the 4K system share settings, and we’re off to the races. I also have one of the FLIR ONEs, I’ve had this for so long, and I was like, “I think today’s the day that
we need to bring this out.” this is a reusable straw, just in case, ’cause I gotta cover all the bases, because you guys are very perceptive and I’m sure I’ll be judged
for every absolute thing that you possibly could think about. So I do have open, the Intel Power Gadget so I’ll be able to get all of the data, whether it’s being throttled, the temperature of my CPU, pretty much everything. So we’ll be able to see this, right here. Wait, I’m a little overwhelmed. See, so the hottest part of this MacBook is about 110 to 111 Fahrenheit. This one’s about 104, and this MacBook over here is about oh, it’s about 111, 112. Okay so now it’s at 121, 118, 119. So, interesting because my
CPU usage is only about 27%. On here it’s like, 5%. (giggles) and over here it’s like 38. And it definitely does seem
to be throttling a little bit because it is not using
its entire capacity, but it’s also not entirely
using the full CPU usage. The fans are so much louder on this guy. Like, significantly louder. So it is definitely being throttled, but I don’t understand why
this one is so much quieter than this one over here. So are there different fans? ‘Cause it’s been seven
minutes, 47 seconds. Here’s where we currently are. Here’s our iMac Pro, it’s really insane of the
fact that it’s only using like, oh my God, like 3%
to 9% of the processor. We’ve got it’s using about, 32%, this one is staying at a
pretty consistent 76 Celsius, 72 Celsius, 87 degrees Celsius. It is interesting because
the fans over here are so incredibly loud, and the fans over here are so much softer. One of the other things that is quieter about this new MacBook
Pro, is the keyboard. There’s a slight silicone little layer that they put under it, which I think was probably
to avoid the problems that they were having
with the previous version. I never had any really serious
issues with my keyboard, but a lot of people were having dust that was getting trapped underneath of it, so it was causing their
keyboards to not work properly. I did have a little bit of trouble with my space bar and the tab key. And my solution for that, I just kept going like this,
(taps keyboard rapidly) and it magically fixed itself. I don’t know if that’s a
good thing, but guess what? It worked. Let’s test out the keyboard to see if it sounds any different. As you can see, this is where
the audio’s coming from. So I’m just gonna place it right here. (keyboard tapping) you can definitely tell
there’s a difference. It’s not that substantial. (computer beeps) this is interesting. Am I going crazy? In this specific test… Are you gonna tell me
that this $15,000 computer rendered this video slower
than the $7,000 computer? Because I’m just pretty sure
that’s what just happened. So in Compressor, exporting 4K, 2018 exported at 13 minutes three seconds. The iMac Pro at 15 minutes and 15 seconds. This guy, at 15 minutes 46 seconds. (Hypnotic music plays) ♪ What do you mean? ♪ Hey, this is future Justine. I actually completely
finished editing this video, but a lot of you guys on Twitter wanted me to put my
MacBook in the refrigerator and see what happens. So there’s been a lot
of memes going around about the thermal throttling on the i9. I don’t have an i7 to test, but I also feel like when I was exporting this video on my 2016 MacBook Pro, it was also throttling. So it feels like this is something that they may have been
doing for a long time and just now I think,
people are figuring it out. I’m not sure. I’ve actually never tested this before, so I have no prior data except
what is before me right now. What am I doing with my life? What is happening right now? Now that everything in my fridge is going to not be in my fridge… Oh, these are rotten! These have been in here for months. I don’t recommend trying this, because it’s really stupid. I know people have done
way stupider things on the internet, so, what I’m doing, I look like a genius. These are also both plugged in, so that the variables
are pretty much the same. Let’s hit export and see
what happens, shall we? So they’re both going now. Okay, we’re gonna be able
to kind of see in there. So we are about three minutes
in, 26, 27% of the processor. About 88 degrees celsius. So here’s the 2016. About 86, 87 degrees. It seems to be about the same. The frequency up here
is definitely spiking a lot more than down here. (gentle music) we’re about six minutes in. Our temperatures are
ranging from about 108, here’s the 2016 MacBook. This one is saying about the same as well. Oh no. The fridge is telling me to shut it. We have a problem. So here’s 2018 once more, at
about nine minute 38 minutes. 2016 at about eight minutes as well. I’m gonna close this back up one last time and let it finish. I think I’m getting worse
performance out of my fridge test. Alright, looks like our
first MacBook is done. And it is the 2018 MacBook. Let’s bring out our contender! This is absolutely
stupid and I hate myself for everything that I just did right now. At least I was able to
clean out my refrigerator, so that’s one good thing
that we achieved today. So my previous export was 13
minutes and three seconds, and this export was 13
minutes six seconds. I actually got worse performance by putting my computer in
the refrigerator, go figure. Let’s take out our other contender. Are you done yet? This is not sponsored by Mountain Dew, or eggs, or cheese, or tomato soup. Or Apple, for that matter. So my previous export was
15 minutes and 46 seconds, and this one was 15
minutes and 39 seconds. So fridge export helped
the 2016 MacBook Pro. Let’s give you a round of applause. (children cheering) this is the first time I’m
playing Fortnite on a Mac! I don’t even know how to feel right now. Would you like to automatically apply the best settings for your system? Yes. (pushes controller buttons) this is doing something weird. I don’t know if it’s the controller, or. I’m used to having a touch
screen with my Surface. (laughs) so this controller was
definitely messing up. I’ve used it before for games. Why are you doing this to me now? Let me go get a mouse. Well. Oh no! Where am I gonna put this? I need a dongle! I just wanna play the game. Let me play the game. Okay this was taking awhile to load, so I went downstairs to get a snack. Apparently, we’re dropping in baby! It looks pretty smooth. So it looks like it’s
running on 60 frames, windowed full screen. View distance, far, high,
high, high, high, high. Pardon my snack. There’s 29 people left. So at this point, all
I gotta do is hide out. I don’t even have to build anything. But I don’t even have a weapon yet! Oh God, I gotta go loot! I’m sitting here trying to make a video and not paying attention to my game. I need to at least get a weapon so I’ll be able to defend myself. I think one of the things that
would help in this scenario, is having an external monitor
and having the eGPU connected. So in this scenario, I
do wanna test that out, because right now, I mean, this is, this is not, this is not the best experience. But, let me go back inside here, and let’s change some settings to medium, medium, medium, medium, medium. Medium. I do still wanna be playing
in 60 frames a second, so let’s see if that helps. Oh, yeah. That helped immensely. There’s 16 people left, so obviously I’m a freakin champion. But all I have are shotguns, so these are trash. What am I gonna be able to do with this? Nothing. ♪ Keke, do ya love me? ♪ 14 people left. The storm is a’shrinkin. So I should probably try to find something that’s a little bit
better than what I have. And I would like to be
honest with you guys, I really never play with
a mouse and keyboard. Everybody probably has all of
the good weapons over here, so it’s like defeating
the purpose to even… Oh, what’s over here? Oh, just some ammo, okay. Runnin around like a fool. With three shotguns. And, yeah, like what is that gonna do? Gonna do absolutely… Oh, mommy found herself a mini gun. Do you wanna, oh. Do, I want that. I hear somebody. Eight people left, guys. I’m super nervous. Oh my gosh. I’ll take that. Hey Siri. Play Slipknot, Wait and Bleed. I forgot, that these MacBooks have “Hey, Siri” integrated now. – [Siri] Now playing Wait
and Bleed, by Slipknot. – oh my God, I gotta get outta here! ♪ I felt the hate rise up in me ♪ ♪ Kneel down and clear
the stone of leaves ♪ ♪ I wander out where you can’t see ♪ ♪ Inside my shell I wait and bleed ♪ I feel like this is my theme
song when I play Fortnite, because I literally just wait. ♪ Of leaves, ♪ ♪ I wander out where you can’t, ♪ NO! Oh God! Where! (screams) No! Stop playing. I wasn’t even paying attention. That’s what I get for trying
to remember Slipknot lyrics from back when I was in high school. I’m also upset that my
controller didn’t work. I’m gonna look into that as well. But for the sake of this video and my rage that I have. Do wanna test it out on the iMac Pro. Alright so, we’re dropping in. This already feels a little bit smoother than the 2018 MacBook Pro did. The question is, will right click work? (gasps) Oh. My. Goodness. Let’s get it. Will I be able to snipe this dude? Is the question. Oh God, I’m too scared. You’re gonna kill me, and I’m
gonna be really sad about it. (machine gun fire) okay, well I can’t really, I
can’t click my mouse, I can’t! It’s not working. This is not working out the way that I was hoping. Oh my God, I gotta get, I gotta switch mice. No! Shoot! Cause I couldn’t hold the right click in, and then also shoot at the same time. You, you, you’re making me so mad. Surprise, this LG monitor
actually showed up overnight. It wasn’t even due to
ship for another few days, so this is super exciting because I really wanted to
test out Fortnite on the eGPU and an external monitor. So let me show you guys
how easy this eGPU is. I seriously do nothing. I plug it in. If you can see it, but there’s like a little light that turns on at the bottom. And it’s activated. (clicks) there was a slight click. And three, two, it’s already connected. This monitor is actually a
lot nicer than I thought. I’ve only seen it in the stores, but I’ve never really seen
it up close and personal. Another thing, this Thunderbolt cable is so freaking small. Can you please give us
a little more slack? At least this is a little bit better. One of the great things about the eGPU is you can also use it
to charge your MacBook, and it is one of the first eGPUs that will allow you to
use a Thunderbolt display. So let’s test and see if
my MacBook will charge if I unplug this. It’s still charging. And this also gives you four USB 3 ports, plus an HDMI out, which means, I don’t need a dongle for my mouse. Alright, so already it
definitely feels a lot different than just playing on the
MacBook, which I would hope so, because I am playing with an entirely separate graphics card, so this is way smoother. (soft rhythmic music) look at that. I can’t believe it took me this long to get one of these LG
monitors to try out. This thing is really, really beautiful. I also would like to reiterate that I mostly played this on Xbox, and when I did play on PC,
I also used a controller, which I know that’s, that’s like, I’ve probably committed so
many sins in some of your eyes, but I’m not gonna
apologize because really, I’m me, you’re you, you do what you want, and I’m not gonna say anything about it. So you shouldn’t say
anything about my choices. (keyboard clicking) let’s break up some stuff. Give me all of your goods. Surprenter. Yes. You’re dead. I think it’s dead. Well I actually used to
play a lot more PC gaming. Oh my gosh, that’s really what got me into playing first person shooters, like Unreal Tournament, and Quick Three. I never, I never really got into CS:GO, but I guess more recently, I’ve played Overwatch on PC, I played Diablo III on PC. But I really, I mean, I just I prefer playing
on a console mostly, because that’s where my friends play. And I think that is
kind of the whole point of playing games, is
the whole social aspect. I mean, it is fun to play alone if you’re playing like, Sigma, but oh God, there’s somebody over there. And I’m definitely not
ready for confrontation. What was I saying? Oh, I don’t know, the
social aspect of games. Because I used to go to LAN parties, and it was a social experience, but the internet used to be
so bad back in the day that that was what you had to do. Oh, now I’m just givin away my freaking location. Surprised how well this is running. I mean, it looks really, really good. Drink it up. Oh no, somebody’s already been here. (sniper shooting) oh boy, I’m scared. I’m scared, I am not ready. (machine gun fire) no, there’s somebody else shooting me! Oh my God, oh my God,
oh my God, oh my God. (machine gun fire) no. No! Geez, God. Freaking driving me absolutely insane. I’ll tell you what. This looks really, really good. I’m surprised. Okay, thank you so much
for watching this video. I really, did enjoy testing this out. There’s so many more things
that I do wanna test out, so I’m sure I will do a follow-up video in typical iJustine fashion
of One Week with MacBook. Two Weeks with MacBook. Three Weeks, Four Days with MacBook. Let me know if there’s any other things that you’d like to see me test with this. I know a bunch of my other tech friends are probably doing very,
very comprehensive, in-depth reviews, so be sure to go check them out. I will put, as I see them, I will put their links in the description. So we’ll say that this LG
monitor is so beautiful, and I can’t believe it’s
taken me this long to get one. It really does look absolutely insane. So all that being said, I don’t even know what you
guys got out of this video, if you got anything,
if you’re entertained, if you love me more, now
you hate me even more, I’m not really sure, but
if you wanna subscribe, feel free to do so. I will have a bunch more videos. I have some fun things
planned for you guys, and I look forward to posting
those and editing them. So now I’m gonna take
this monitor upstairs and connect it to my iMac Pro. So having this much more
screen real estate to edit is gonna be incredible. (upbeat pop music)


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    A lot of haters here. MacBook Pro are incredible machine, they are the most powerful i9 machine considering weight and size, trolls says it overheat… yes like any other i9 machine but MacBook Pro is more silent than the others. Most of the initial issue was fixed in 1 weeks but YouTube kids don’t care they want just says their home made of is better. It is not, MacBook Pro have: 1) macOS and if you think Windows is a good OS you can se everything and change hobby 2) T2 chip encrypt on the fly encode h265 at super speed 3) disk is one of the fasted on this planet 4) it is the machine with the fasted Thunderbolt 3 connection, directly to CPU and it has 4 indipendente port: this is massive for PROs 5) display is retina but especially it has true tone and p3 color gamut. Just these things makes alone the best laptop. You don’t want to spend these money? Good neither me, but spreading FUD and ignorance is child. And BTW Blackmagic eGPU is pretty cool too considering it is very silent it can connect Tb3 display like no other eGPU in the market. I have one? None I have a Mantiz Venus because it is upgradable, but saying it is a rip off because it is custom is pretty useless too.

  66. Renan José says:

    Can you run a benchmark with the new Vega 20 GPU option ? Thanks

  67. Trinity Ann says:

    Final Cut Pro for life

  68. Brandon S says:

    YOU SHOULD HAVE WAITED! NEW OPTION FOR THE 15 INCH…… Radeon Pro Vega 20 with 4GB of HBM2 memory

  69. Moon Blaze says:

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  70. Unix Undertaker says:

    I love you more because of this vid. Great job Justine.

  71. Zach Burkhart says:

    16MB of ram

  72. Mr. DRockerZ says:

    Imagine ijustine minus 🍎 = nothing

  73. monicaChrisAhn says:

    A super fast ext harddrive is samsung x5… can save u thousands of $$$. I think 500gb is $300. I mean.. its not 3.5k

  74. Duka Andris says:

    I just want to point it out that at 1:04, she says 16 "megabytes" instead of "gigabytes" .
    Anyone else noticed?

  75. The Midget says:

    Lol at 1:05 she said 16 megabytes of ram

  76. Wahyu Aji says:

    Apple fan girl and apple review also

  77. David Watt says:

    isnt the i9 slower than the i7

  78. Eli Ulman says:

    Megabyte of raM what?

  79. Compton Alleyne says:

    I can now empathize with people, about Tangents and nonlinear reporting 😂 but it’s all good … We need to design cooling docks …💭 like Refrigerators. 🤣 you are too funny … 👍🏾

  80. Sai Rocks says:

    There’s something called building

  81. Dmogul says:

    I appreciate this video so much you have no idea

  82. Tha Possee says:

    Miao miao Justine you rock the sh*t I ❤️ you

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    Apple makes good products they are just terrible for the price

  84. ChanceyKnows says:

    Lol she said 16mb of Ram. 🤣🤣

  85. Tasso Demo says:

    No matter how good they make the cpu, we just wan’t one thing

  86. Ramy Zurich says:

    hey quick question where do you keep your money printing machine

  87. Iestyn Lloyd says:

    Any chance you could test After Effects on a Mcbook Pro with the eGPU compared to the iMac Pro? Ta

  88. chris plusplus says:

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  89. Mariz Zafra says:

    So annoying lmao

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  91. Tasso Demo says:

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    Me: buys the cheapest MacBook Air

  92. Logan js says:

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  93. Ivan Chen says:


  94. Logan js says:

    I can explain why your imac pro render vid slower than macbook pro 2018. Because your imac pro use Xeon chip which doesn’t have Intel Quick Sync Video. Easy to understand right?

  95. SuperLolMine - YouTube says:

    The SSDs of your iMac Pro 18 Core, and 2018 Macbook Pro are faster than my laptop's RAM lol

  96. Khalil says:

    Yall are rude justine is to nice to be rude to

  97. Logan js says:

    You should use Macs Fan Control program?

  98. Zayden Coatney says:

    Is you fortnite character a boy

  99. Everything Mac says:

    use Mac's fan sontrol and max it out

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