1st grade: Printmaking

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hey there artists today I'm going to teach you how to create a printing plate everybody say printing plate this is a printing plate and we will use this printing plate for printmaking but before I can make my printing plate I always do a sketch of what I'm going to draw on my printing plate so here I just have plain paper and let me show you how I draw my sketch I'm going to draw a cat and I'm drawing the outline only everybody say outline only another way to say outline only is contour line everybody say contour line when I draw the contour line of something I only draw the outline I do not color in so right now I'm drawing the contour line of the cat now I'm going to draw the contour line of the cat's eye now of the nose and of course my cat needs some whiskers now I'm going to draw the contour lines of the stripes on my cat but I am NOT coloring in everybody say contour line to all the contour line of the inside of my cat's ear the contour line around the face and I think I need to draw the ground where my cat is standing on so it does not look like my cat is floating again just drawing that contour line there we go now I think I'm ready to draw on my printing plate and the reason that I do is sketch first is because on my printing plate if I make a mistake I can't really erase it well I can sort of erase the actual pencil line but the indention from the pencil line will still be there and so anytime we mess up on a printing plate it's always there so that's why I think it's a good idea to do my sketch first so when I do my printing plate what I do is I take my same pencil and I just draw the same thing but this time I'm going to go a little bit slower be a little more careful that way I'm sure that I don't mess up but the good news is if I do mess up I can always turn it into a happy mistake that's right a happy mistake it's actually harder to see the pencil line on the printing plate but the important part is that there is the invention I know there's an indention because I can feel where the styrofoam has been pressed down by the pencil so here's the contour line of the eye and the nose and my contour lines for the whiskers and here's my contour line for the stripes in the ears and of course the ground now my cat is ready for printing you can feel I can feel the indentions and I know that my printing plate is ready to make a print and that is how I make a printmaking plate

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