1917 – In Theaters December (Behind The Scenes Featurette) [HD]

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The First World War starts with literally horses and carriages and ends with tanks. So it’s the moment where modern war, you could argue, begins. From the very beginning I felt this movie should be told in real time. Every step of the journey, breathing every breath with these men felt integral. And there is no better way to telling this story than with one continuous shot.Three…two…oneGo! Go!From the first moment I talked to Sam about the idea as a one-shot movie, I knew it was going to be really immersive. It’s meant to make you feel that you are in the trenches with these characters. The film in itself is a slice of time. These two young men get sent on a mission to deliver a message to stop an attack.Action!So they’ve got to cross into enemy territory on a race against time to deliver a message that will save 1,600 lives. And the camera never ever comes away from the two characters. There’s always that sort of “get out of jail” card that you have with a movie “Well, you know, we might be able to cut around this or we might take that scene out.” That’s not possible on this film. The dance of the camera and the mechanics all have to be in sync with what the actor is doing when you achieve that it’s really beautiful and exhilarating. Sometimes you have a camera being carried by an operator hooked onto a wire and the wire carries it across more land and it’s unhooked again that operator runs with it then steps onto a small jeep which carries him another 400 yards and he steps off it again and goes around the corner.Let’s go back to one.This film does not take place in a series of interiors. This is endless exteriors. No location ever repeats, so you’re constantly moving through landscapes. Being such an exterior movie, we’re very dependent on the light and the weather. And we kind of realized, well for a start you can’t really light it.Action!Because, you know if you were running down a trench and turning around 360 degrees there’s no way to put a light anywhere. And because we were shooting in story order we had to shoot in cloud to get the continuity from scene to scene. So some mornings the sun would be out and we couldn’t shoot. So, we would rehearse.And we’re rehearsing.And then we’d be waiting around, everyone with their eyes up in the sky, trying to see how long it would take for the sun to move behind the cloud. And as soon as it comes over you’ve got this five-minute window. Everyone would be like, “Come on! Go, go, go.”Go! Go! Go!So you are also in the lap of the gods. It was like a piece of theater every take. Once it starts it can’t stop. If something goes wrong you just have to keep going. Until you actually see it on a screen you don’t really realize how immersive it is and how that technique kind of draws you into it. For me, engagement is very important. And that is behind the way in which we decided to shoot this film. I wanted people to understand how difficult it was for these men. And the nature of that is behind everything.

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  1. Youtuber IŘSHATH says:

    Best war movie ever seen 👌 💯 💯

  2. Noob Gemes says:

    Iam from indonesia
    This film so amazing

  3. daewok kim says:

    amazing movie 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  4. Eduardo Revolorio says:

    Cmo la encuentro en netflix o q nombre tiene

  5. Christine Broom says:

    Amazing mind blowing film,

  6. ReinierAEG says:

    I was to the movies but it's not a film for 12 plus I'm 13 and I found the movie bloody. luckily I could handle it. and I thought it was a super beautiful film! good job

  7. T.T says:

    Just saw this movie, it's outstanding. I've never been so nervous watching a movie for years. Visually, technically and the sound design was marvelous! Holy shit it was ROUGH

  8. للحق دولة says:

    I saw it yesterday it was good with few notes:
    1- the hiding lady with child how come nobody can hear the child if she crys
    2- how come the lady want to make love with wil in the middle of that fear?

  9. imlohith says:

    One of the greatest movies I have ever watched.

  10. happy brithday uday alhur says:

    جمييييييل يستاهل الاوسكار .❤اخراج روعه والتصوير والديكور من افضل الافلام لهذه السنه 👍👍

  11. Carlos Zuniga says:

    That must have been super hard to make that movie

  12. ∆sa says:

    This was awesome and breathtaking throughout the whole movie! I loved it

  13. stealthkillah122 says:

    love the behind the scenes thank you

  14. G N says:

    Where's Joey?

  15. dedid ID says:

    Film Bagus

  16. Agus Gunawan BEP says:

    Ini film bagus bangetz…

  17. Anas Hasan says:

    This movie is not excellent. When you watch the movie, you feel that it is a group of scenes in foreign and artificial locations, and it has been collected. The movie does not attract the viewer

  18. olivier suchet says:


  19. Highler Cockner says:

    Just saw it, Amazing film

  20. Даниэль Емельянов says:

    Själva ordet är synd att så mycket pengar för att se

  21. SaintGosp 1 says:

    What is the music

  22. HeksbAnqjhxbxnmz HzBzbzbzz says:

    Movie is the shit !!!!

  23. Альберт Бульба says:

    Ну че ништяг

  24. محمد شنايدر says:

    فلم وكواليس روىعه شتكولون اخوانه العرب

  25. Matteo Benvenuti says:

    VI AMO <3

  26. Swing Shot says:

    Beautiful movie, thank you sam mendez

  27. VGfilMStand says:

    A Great Movie


  28. Operateur says:

    Best war movie ever made (imo)

  29. Ocean Blue says:

    Movie shooting : *Ends
    Director : We Forgot to record….
    Actor : Here we go again…..

  30. STOP Support Through Other People says:

    Best war film ever seen. Absolutely brilliant

  31. 2020onahan says:

    it is great movie but just talk about past of human war, but Parasite still say about our human life of now and future.

  32. No Smoking says:


  33. Fortis Studio says:

    Wow ! Amazing piece of cinematography.

  34. Gregory mthemba says:

    I'm inspired wow

  35. rooney al arabe says:

    حلوه قصة الفلم

  36. Ηλίας Καμαρινός says:

    Ι saw this film in Greece

  37. Добрый Вечер says:

    Не делая добра не получишь зла

  38. emanuel celeste says:

    Esta pelicula es hermosa. Me encantó. La volvere a mirar🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️

  39. Ula Ula says:

    Sarah onggu reng agebei film jiah…. shotingannah e sambhung2 trus deddih caretah… 👍

  40. Jasper V says:

    So when the soldiers dies, they resurrect?

  41. bisayang kanser TV says:

    Yeah its funny for us as a fan of any movie to see or watching movie like this 😅😅😅

  42. Moist oatcheese says:

    The best movie I’ve ever watched

  43. Muhammed Samjad says:

    Flags maybe different… but methods are using same….
    They will use us… when time comes……
    Old men start war, young boys always die….
    There is nothing after war….
    Only widows

  44. Nikko Bagus Susilo Kawasaki Ninja jari jari says:

    Ig. Knjj_Lamongan

  45. Recce sixty says:

    Started out well, then became just another "B" war movie. IMHO.

  46. 1234nnn xx says:

    This gonna be a great worlđ war I movie

  47. Rendemo Shitio says:

    Movie name plizzz

  48. Pujut Tv says:

    Hallo pls🙏🙏🙏 donasi your subscribe in my channel Pujut tv thanks all

  49. Saif Sefat says:

    one of the greatest movies of all time !loved it

  50. Friedrich Poeschel says:

    Life and death in the trenches – remembered in an art video https://youtu.be/qYV_kFQHm2k

  51. Alejandro Cabrera says:

    Muy buena

  52. Hiếu Đôn Chề says:

    Who else come here after watch the movie ?

  53. Trung Hậu Studio says:


  54. frdrck moyz says:

    "The camera never cuts away from the two characters"

  55. Naldo Konay says:

    Kisah Sedih…

  56. stefan stoss says:

    enjoy .youtube.com/watch?v=KGbnljhmzb4 why another ww1 movie is afghnaistan offlimits too easy is gaza offlimits too easy historians say if british empire stays out of ww1 on continent then ww2 never happens communist revolution probably not so no hitler no stalin

  57. midoscent says:

    And only 2yrs later THE RED SUMMERS systematically destruction of 36 cities with thriving black communities

  58. Jovan Veljković says:

    I'm sorry this masterpiece didn't get Academy for the Best Picture. It really deserved it❗

  59. Muzaffar97 Murodaliev says:

    Very great movie, i like this movie

  60. Фильмы 2019 says:

    Что за фильм есть русские

  61. Senyum Official says:

    Gue Uda nonton!!
    Keren alur cerita dan motion capture nya …

  62. ovmindia events mp says:

    unbelievable making.

  63. Din Islam Raju Shikder. says:

    To much headword. ✌✌ Good job. 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  64. Octavian Apocalypse says:

    Film cool

  65. Hoang Co12345 says:

    Có ai người việt ko cho e hỏi phim gì đây ạ,cảm ơn nhiều

  66. lacki2000 says:

    all is great, except 9 miles in 1,5h of a one continuos shot movie… It means that average speed of those foot soldiers was 10km/h (6miles/h). Ridicolous 😛 And this waterfall on flat terrain…

  67. SIDA says:

    I never wanted to be an extra in a film this badly before

  68. Alba Celani says:

    Dean Charles Chapman seems to be the new Sean Bean… That's all I'm gonna say…

  69. Naomi Wilson says:

    I didn't fall in love with the characters in this film but the way they moved through the films experience was so unique and exciting.

  70. Bilal Younas says:

    A lot of shots were one shot.is it true?

  71. Maria Bella says:


  72. Sunu Das says:

    Awesome movie 😭😭😭😭😭 I already watch this movie we need Hindi version 😭 language
    ❤️ from 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🤗🤗🤗🤗

  73. NereRear Gaming says:

    Wow those were actually real people i thought they were just part of the green screen

  74. moon star says:

    WOW! Masterpiece and Epic ! I will sad If 1917 film have not get 2020 oscar! Very Excellent ! Never forget! The best ww1 movie ! Proud From Asia of Myanmar(Burma)

  75. Yovie Young says:


  76. IceGamer YT says:

    CodWaw Developer:1917 Has Out!!! BTW itis a nice Movie

    CoDWaw Employess:Omg!!!


    CODWAW employee:We Have wrong Story About World War I

  77. harry Rg btw says:

    Cant wait till i see it

  78. Audrey and Remington says:

    The scene where they went over the line at the end gave me the chills.

  79. mr robot says:

    That bomb is real??

  80. Eman Villarias says:

    I rate this film 5 star coz I luv on d site nd I'm sick on studio…

  81. Tejas Satpute says:

    Wow world's best movie❤

  82. Yasmien jaenang says:

    yes,ok good movie

  83. Obito Uchiha says:

    So awesome.

  84. Maria Tineo says:

    I saw 1917! Awesome! I'm going to see it again. Sam Mendes you're awesome! Roger Deakins you both rock! This one made both of you IMMORTAL! You got my respect. mmm

  85. stefano degli abbati says:

    Ascolta anche… LECTURES 2020: Il Film "1917" di Sam Mendes (Leggo/Il Foglio)

  86. Zimbert Bramble says:

    I had to go watch this and I got my money worth

  87. Diamond Cup says:

    What song is used here?? I can't find it anywhere…

  88. Erik S. says:

    I love this movie

  89. FuryCZ says:

    Blake was naive like Tommen

  90. Oceanic Blue says:

    Imagine the camera dying or running out of memory just as Schofield walks to the tree…

    But in all seriousness, I just came back from the cinema and that was an incredible piece of film. Honestly, it was phenomenal.

  91. Mean Machines says:

    The movie is Fabulous😍

  92. Conor Gray says:

    Terrible movie

  93. Claus PS says:

    Make a game out of the movie

  94. Delight says:

    I live in a remote region of Western Australia and the closest theater is over 1100 kms away so I have to wait till its on bluray. I'm very excited to see this one. Thanks for sharing Universal Pictures.

  95. Aragaw Ambaw says:

    Every thing what they did always is false!

  96. Felis John says:

    A Nations like this today in chruch all over this plates today call themselves holy , how foolish is that? Lucifer alive

  97. Arief Rakhman says:

    Just watched.. it fells like a game you played along.. so beautiful.. 😭

  98. ၂Ƨ• CARIOCA ࿐ says:

    Br vão no meu canal like subscrito

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