120Hz iPhones! Major iPhone 11 Leaks & Release Date!

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I never thought this day would come this close to crying promotion could be happening on the iPhone as soon as next year my most requested feature we've got a huge report on the iPhone 11 with some new details thanks to 905 Mac the rainbow Apple logo might be making a comeback micro LED 16 inch MacBook Pro details and more huge Apple leaks day so strap in guys I already got my seatbelt on we got a lot to talk about let's jump right into that 9 to 5 macro report on the iPhone 11 this is coming from an insider they're speaking to that had hands-on time with the iPhone 11 lineup and they're making direct reference to the iPhone 11 naming it's very likely this could be the final name of this year's iPhones surprise surprise what comes after iPhone 10 like many other sources have been confirming lightning is very likely staying this year USBC was rumored for 20/20 all along and that's when we'll probably see that technology arrive again Apple is adding a USBC connector to the box and by the way do you think we'll ever see air pods in the box I thought it'd be fun to render that one up maybe one day but they'll be charging you $2,000 for it they're also confirming screen resolutions and display technologies are staying the same as a 2018 iPhone line up meaning LCD is staying on the 11 arm in 2020 we're likely to see an entire OLED iPhone lineup and this is where it starts getting interesting the taptic engine that we all know and love since the iPhone 6s era which has grown and evolved over time to be this amazing product is changing and it'll be called Leap haptics now so it'll be a new type of taptic engine it's unclear what that may deliver any of the details but like we heard from max wind back earlier Apple is working on some sort of new haptics inside the iPhone since 3d touch is dying it only makes sense that they want to supplement it with either more power from the taptic engine or in some way make it even better surpass 3d touch also inadvertedly in article they're mentioning 3d touch is likely dying this year to be replaced with haptic touch as we've seen in all the iOS betas it's just clear Apple is moving away from 3d touch and it's no longer going to be a feature shipping with the new iPhones after their hands-on time with the iPhone 11 they're also confirming a triple lens camera is happening and that the third lens will be a wide-angle lens case you guys haven't seen this one anywhere before also a new feature software-wise coming to the camera called smart frame we're in processing you'll be able to adjust the field of view or essentially which lens took the photo if you want you know to see a little bit more in the image step back a little bit it's a very cool feature but they do mention it will be time-sensitive so after a few hours maybe a few days that will expire due to security reasons they just don't want you to have access to all the information in the photo this feature was also rumored by Bloomberg months in advance and I'd like to mention that this report comes many months after the one I did with Mac swine back which I'll link down below he spoke of the very same things that Apple would be upgrading the haptic sensor inside the iPhone with some new generation that there would be a third ultra wide camera lens he was the first one that broke that news report so he's pretty credible also mentioned the Lightning the soft touch back first and the green color so Mac swine back you're good I'm looking forward to working with you through 2020 and 2021 now let's get into the juicy stuff promotion on the iPhone the 120 Hertz variable refresh rate display which can go to 60 to save on energy or in case you don't like the smoothness is very likely coming to the iPhone as Apple is in talks with Samsung and LG considering this display and this is only for the 20/20 iPhones and not for this year don't get too excited just yet but knowing it's coming and especially on such a big refresh year gets me excited man I I can't wait now this is coming from ice University has a very good history he does a lot of Android stuff but this is in relation with Samsung which would be providing the displays here potentially and another potential reason why promotion could be coming to the iPhone is we've heard from Ming Chico that Apple is considering adding Apple pencil support or a stylus support an official one for the new iPhones don't know if it's 2019 or 2020 but that could be another reason because you'd want it to be silky smooth and those would go hand and hand together regarding displays a couple of developments here Apple is added LG as a supplier for 2019 iPhone displays which means we likely won't have any supplier issues at leasts or demand issues which I don't foresee at all happening also micro LED the display of the future is happening sooner than you think 2020 debuting on the Apple watch series 6 according to Taiwanese based economic Daily News they're saying that Apple is finally going to be releasing this technology they've been working on it roughly that we know of since 2014 and they're going to release it on the Apple watch Series six first and that means eventually it will be happening on the iPhones we know it was rumored for the iPads and some mac books in 2020 2021 so that technology is right on the cusp here now Apple is holding back but they're perfecting it and I really can't wait so why you interact with the most so I think it matters the most also I think Apple could use a lot of their foldable screen patents to do an edge-to-edge Apple watch I think that'd be the best possible way to introduce us to this technology on the series 6 micro LED is essentially the halo technology of all displays like it can't possibly get any better than that it's brighter more efficient it lasts longer just better than Ola in every conceivable way not only is Apple working on displays of the future they're also working on the camera of the future as digit times is reporting they've asked their supplier to start working on 3d sensing cameras for the iPhone and this is coming in a 2020 iPhones according to a report from Bloomberg earlier they mentioned the rear sensing camera will be able to project up to 15 feet away from the iPhone that's crazy you'll be able to scan an object have a 3d model on the iPhone and it'll be better integrated for arv our capabilities sony is likely going to be the sensor provider for the 3d sensing camera I really like this example given by Vania Gaskin the iPhone 11 is like the 3GS compared to the next year's technology the iPhone 4 which was better in every single way that's kind of where we're at this is the iPhone 3GS that's the 20/20 iPhone 4 Siri could be getting her own operating system next year according to mangrove Capital Partners and is going to be called Siri OS this is to better compete with Amazon Alexa and just to make Siri more diverse we know that Apple is releasing more products where Siri could be nested such as the over ear headphones and new air pods 3 and growing Siri they say over time could mean so much profit for apples you'll be able to place orders through Siri just do more things and it makes sense for Apple to expand on Siri for it to have its own operating system the rainbow Apple logo one of Apple's earlier logos used on a lot of the early max could be making a resurgence on some modern Apple products a tip given a Mac rumors suggests Apple is considering adding this logo to some modern products very likely the Mac lineup and it would very likely be like the product read series where just one certain type of color keeps the rainbow logo I think it would make for an interesting touch like a retro retro line of modern Apple products I know there's a lot of skins just like that and it would work even on an iPhone like I would rock that that'd be very cool a throwback edition they do say though not to get your hopes up it is coming from a source that has long-standing connections to sources and Apple but it may end up being untrue according to supply chain reports economic Daily News is reporting the 16 inch MacBook Pro is launching in October and it'll have an all-time high notebook price for Apple historically with a starting price of three thousand dollars now this is one of my most hyped Apple products it goes Mac Pro MacBook Pro 16 inch – 11 earpods 3 and then so on and you're going to be paying here for the pro name for sure they're also confirming the earlier resolution that we heard thirty 72 by 1920 from a different source will be happening and yes the 16 inch MacBook Pro the rainbow logo would be particularly cool although I think Apple should bring back the glowing Apple logo especially on the iPhone series a special edition iPhone with a glowing Apple logo that's controllable from settings that could be used as a notification light I think could be one of the slickest features to come to the iPhone in a while now we've seen in the news for a while Intel has been trying to sell their 5g modem division for at or near a billion dollars and now Apple is likely going to be their customer that'll pay that price it will help them accelerate all their in-house 5g modem efforts and that's essentially what the article boils down to is Apple would only be buying it to get away from Qualcomm's 5g modems which are rumored for next year's iPhone as soon as possible and I've got a question for you guys the iPhone 11 with a black camera does it look better than a body coloured iPhone 11 lens we've seen a lot of models like this it's not accurate when received by guest skin is more accurate but the lens itself the shape is wrong I think it looks really good I would rock this after holding it seeing it in person I love the iPhone 11 design it looks clean it looks modern yes the flash placement sucks I do not like that but overall it just strikingly new like people will know you're using something completely different right away the iPhone 11 announcement date may fall on September 10th according to nine-to-five Mac which estimates the event dates every single year they're placing it on the 10th with a following pre-order date on Friday the 13th yes very nice one and then on the 20th of the street date this thing will be in your hands within a matter of two months less than two months here exciting times but who cares about release day if it won't sell according to a Rosenblatt analyst this will be one of Apple's most poorly performing iPhone sales years in a very long time just because of how similar this model will be to the 10s there are no groundbreaking features it's just doomed to fail and he's downgraded Apple stock as a result it's very likely the 11r will be Apple's most important iPhone of 2019 as a new statistic just released shows 48% of all iPhones sold in quarter 3 of 2019 were the iPhone 10 arm and Apple is bolstered the new 11 R with dual lens cameras 4 gigabytes of RAM better antennas inside it should do fairly well the last couple of things on Apple's website they changed the Mac Pro logo to be sideways facing to make it more distinctive and not look like cheese grater which it does and your iPhone can handle 120 million original moon missions Apollo 11 was using a point 0 for 3 megahertz processor your iPhone is using right now at 2.4 9 gigahertz processor if you have the latest and could be even faster this year otherwise guys there it is iPhone 11 is coming we've got promotion on the horizon micro LED displays I just don't know how I can keep topping these leaked videos all this good news is coming and it makes me excited to be alive in this day and age alright guys thanks for watching


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  1. EverythingApplePro says:

    Thumbs up for an impossible technology (so they said) FINALLY coming to iPhone!

  2. mlbb legends says:

    Iphone is kinda shitt nowadays

  3. Joey The Pig says:

    The new iPhone is sorry apple WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??!?!??!?!?!?!?!

  4. Gabriel Flores says:

    Bruhhhhh! The design is trash! Seriously

  5. Eman M says:

    8:38 sounded just like Tim Cook when you said you love the iPhone design with such enthusiasm


    Can I install iOS 13 on my iPad mini4 and iPad6

  7. Nikita Kaminskyy says:

    If I didn’t have a broken screen 16GB 6s I would definitely wait for the 2020 version. Though I think I’m going for a 11R

  8. Steve Walton says:

    “I love the iPhone 11 design”…Seriously it looks like balls. Apple can do no wrong apparently and designed in California doesn’t mean anything now.

  9. ENI says:

    why are apple fan's emotional ,

  10. Maria Veleta says:

    i remember when i was little i searched up the iPhone 10 and it showed pictures of a really big iPhone . Now looking back i’m proud of apple on how far they have gone.

  11. KVN says:

    I don't even use my phone camera. And they have to put the ugliest camera on the back

  12. Danny P. says:

    Womp Womp…while I type on my iPhone 📱 Xs🤯

  13. SuicidalNerd says:

    This iPhone looks stupid af

  14. Jim Shoes says:

    I have the 10xs max, and please listen to me I can't wait to trade it in for a smaller phone. Much like my dick, it is way too big for life in general.

  15. job3ztah says:

    Holy crap ditch iPad Pro idea go for phone 11

  16. Jim Shoes says:

    Which products will have the very super gay rainbow?

  17. Toni Saben says:

    not to interrupt but could you possibly make a tutorial on how to jailbreak IOS 12.2? I’ve heard that 12.2 jailbreaking is finally available and I know you’re kind of professional 😂 please and thank you

  18. Jonah Thomas says:

    The madlad actually had a seatbelt on his chair

  19. manuel tamay says:

    I am sick of the same crap technology , I am going tu Huaway!

  20. Amelia Finn says:

    I have to say this so no one is disappointed, my mother works with Apple professionals, and she told me that only some of this information is true. However some of this is true

  21. Brett Barban says:

    these phones just keep getting uglier

  22. Ryan Cowan says:

    After switching to a OnePlus 7 Pro a week ago, those iPhones look and sound horribly out of date and they aren't even released yet and are more expensive

  23. Konstantin Volkov says:

    Ugly shit phone

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