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– [Interviewer] What’s
your New Year’s resolution? – For 2019? – [Interviewer] 2020. – Oh yeah. (upbeat music) – [Interviewer] What’s
your New Year’s resolution? – Oh, god. – Oh, I hate resolutions. – I haven’t even thought about that yet. – My New Year’s Reso– – Lution. – Oh. – Ugh. – Ooo. – My New Year’s resolution
is to drink more water. – Stop spending my money at bars. – No shots of well tequila. I just deserve more than well tequila. – [Interviewer] What’s
your New Year’s resolution? – I wanna be better organized. – Way more organized. – Get my shit together. – I’m 5’6″ and every year
my New Year’s resolution is to touch a 10-foot basketball rim. – I wanna start waking up earlier. – Go to the gym. – Work out. – Get in better shape. – I wannna lose 10 pounds. – To lose weight, I say that every year. – My New Year’s resolution
is to get thicc with two c’s. – New booty for me, I want a new butt. – I wanna know what your
New Year’s resolution is. – Stop smoking nicotine. I started off JUULing and
then I tried quitting the JUUL by smoking cigs. – I want to travel more. – Like to go to Italy. – Greece – Russia. – Philippines. – Micronesia. – I wanna go to the Nordic region. – I want to be more of a homebody. – I think I just want to
discover, like, my passion. – I wanna take a dance class. – I would like to learn, like, salsa. This is what I can do. It’s horrible. – Learn the piano. – Rock climbing. – Ski. I’ve never skied before. I’m from an island and
I’m very scared of it. – In 2020, I want to get published. – Submit a short film to a film festival. – I’m gonna release my
first album on Spotify. – Releasing an album. – To drop an album. – To finish an album. – Make a living doing music. – It’s to perform to a sold-out crowd of 5,000 people or more. – [Interviewer] What’s
your New Year’s resolution? – I don’t really ever do
New Year’s resolutions. – ‘Cause, like, I’m in shape. People are like, “I wanna read two books,” and I’m like, “I read books all the time.” – [Interviewer] Tell me all the things that you don’t need to improve. – (laughs) No, no, no. I’m not like that. – I don’t believe in
New Year’s resolutions. – Its cliched. – I don’t wanna make
promises I can’t keep. – Every day is a good
day to make a resolution. Why wait for the New Year? – [Interviewer] What’s
your New Years resolution? – To have a baby. – [Interviewer] Ooo! – I think my New Year’s resolution is to spend more time with my kids. – Be a better father. – Be nicer to my kids. – Be a better person. – To be less irritable. – People get me crazy. – To give one genuine
compliment to someone every day. – I just want to be a
better bitch than before. – [Interviewer] What’s
your New Year’s resolution? – Oh my god! – For 2020? – Hopefully put a little bit
more spice into my sex life. – Have more sex. – Having sex on top of a mountain. – I want to find love. – Fall in love. – I want to be open to
love, I guess, again. – I would like to just be more in tune with my surroundings and myself. – [Interviewer] That’s very hippy. – I probably wanna make more money. – Save more cash. – Pay my bills on time. – I want to use more coupons. – Become assistant manager. – Have my business really take off. – To get my pita bread
company off the ground, yeah. – I would love to just own my own place. – I wanna buy a house. – I wanna get a variety of
turtlenecks in every color. – [Interviewer] Give me
your New Year’s resolution. – I want to, like, decrease
my screen time on my phone. – I just get like too
caught up on social medias. – I’m addicted to it. – My New Year’s resolution is
exploring my femininity more. – I think I want to
stop saying “I’m sorry” for things I can’t control. – Not caring what other people think. – Not to seek validation
from people who don’t matter. – Its okay if you don’t
want people in your life. – Find what truly makes me happy even if it makes other people sad. – 100% bad bitch energy. I gotta be focused on myself. Fuck everyone else, you know. – [Interviewer] You have
any New Year’s resolutions? – I really want to be
working on self-compassion. – Create more space for myself. – Invest in myself. – I want to work less. – Be happier. – I deserve it. – Just to still be cute
and, like, survive 2020. – [Interviewer] So what’s
your New Year’s resolutions? – I don’t do dat shit. What are you gonna do? For 2 1/2 weeks, “Oh yeah,
I’m gettin’ my exercise on.” You got a Snickers in your
fuckin’ mouth, you know. I’m, it’s like, “Shut the fuck up.” I don’t need New Year’s to
tell me what the fuck to do. – [Interviewer] Bold, bold. – (blows raspberry) Come
on now, y’all know me.

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