100% FREE Design Resources: Avoid Copyright Issues

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follow along today and see what
completely free graphic design resources I have to show you
and although the resources are not only free you don’t need to give any credits
or attribution either also due to many people asking me I’ve actually started a
patreon which you can learn more about at the end of the video as designers
it’s important to have a website to show off her portfolio of work bookmark
offers the most straightforward and quickest way to generate an awesome
website without even having to write down a single line of code and all
completed in a matter of minutes check out the link in the description below to
learn more about bookmark and the signee website today so every single design
resource in today’s video is not only free but you also do need to give any
attribution to the author’s a lot of the time graphic design downloads are free
but you need to slap a link or the download on your website or maybe even
on the print products so I’ve made sure that every single link and today’s a
list is totally free and also you don’t need to give any credit to the author’s
so the first website today is mock-up world now mock-ups can really set your
work apart from the rest when presenting your artworks who are clients this website has many free annals and
downloads as well as free bundles – so here we have an isometric iPhone mock-up
that could be used pretty tactfully clicking the download link will take you
to the hosts sides where the file can be located but just to be totally sure you
can check the license here and as you can see it says that it’s free to use
for personal as well as commercial use and you don’t need to give any credit
anywhere either so check out the mock ups that you can get on market worlds
this next website is somewhat lesser-known
compared to the others in the list but free design file has many free graphic
design downloads for you to grab totally for free you can source PSD files
vectors backgrounds and so much more there are some cheaper nasty graphics
but they’re also some really decent ones – you just have to look around a bit
this vector download for example of some trainers looks really neat unlike
everything else in today’s video is totally free so check out free design file link down
below pixels has some of the highest quality free stock footage that you can
find and without any attribution needed too so let’s give a search and see what
results that we can receive as designers it’s really handy to have image sources
that not only free but to which we can actually use them without any worry of
copyright problems so as you can see searching geometric has some interesting
results and if we head into this image download here we can double check the
license too and as I promised you all it’s totally free and you don’t need to
give any credit to the author this kind of service and privilege is becoming
less and less frequent online so it’s always great to find new attribution
needed as well as free graphics now if you want some free funds to use on your
work for personal and commercial use font squirrels probably the best place
to go it has so many fonts for you to search over and download and it’s a
truly great design resource indeed you can search a font style by a name or
even just browse the categories listed the thing they need to pay attention to
with font squirrel is that the icons below the font here tell you about the
license the icons actually let you know where the font can be used and also the
legalities of the use to fonts growers are truly amazing website and you can
find all of the fun so you probably ever go into neon your work totally for free I’ve got two more free graphic design
resource for you today and firstly we’re going to be looking at video this
doesn’t only have video footage it also has motion graphics music and sound
effects too so quickly to demonstrate let’s search design in the keyword
search now coming into the desired download
you’re going to be able to take a look at a license and here you can find a
direct specific license for your download and for this footage I can use
this file anywhere I like without the need to give credit so have a look over this website and see
where you can grab for your next project now the less website on today’s list of
free graphic design resources is Wilma favorites and it’s actually grown quite
a lot since I started using it a couple of years ago pixabay has imagery and
footage as a choice for download but they also have vectors too so maybe you
need some quick and some free vectors for your next project and you don’t want
the hassle of giving credit to anybody all you have to do is look around on
pixabay so there were a collection of completely free resources that you can
use for your graphic design projects now due to multiple people saying I should
have a patreon I went ahead and opened one yesterday so if you want to actually
support my channel and what I’m doing here at Satori graphics and those of my
future subscription-based website that’s launching later this month or February
head over to the link in the description box below or at the end of the video and
pledge a monthly donation and in return you’re going to get some perks which
were listed on the patreon page B anyway guys make sure you have a great day and
also a great weekend and until next time design your future today peace


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    Just to clarify, all the resources on this list are for commercial and personal use, but ALWAYS read the licenses on every single download… oh and have a great weekend and check out my Patreon too if you want πŸ™‚

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