1/51 | Introduction to Become a Motion Graphics – After Effects

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  1. Bring Your Own Laptop says:

    Hi everyone, the full course is here: https://goo.gl/Rh7lC8

  2. إصنع نجاحا says:

    hi Dan i want learn characters animition and move the camera in after effects and chape layers These things are present in this course ???

  3. Rodrigo Rodrigues says:

    I'm from Brazil, I don't speak English well. But I can understand when I put subtitles in the video (youtube auto-subtitles) My question is. Do you think I can learn the full course?

    Thank you

  4. Hudson McGrail says:

    So I watched ALL the videos here FREE and was wondering wether to buy the subscription. Or where to go next. I have a lynda.com account so I guess I should stay there. However I do have a question. I followed along with a few tuts and went off doing my own thing. One thing I've noticed is with the Position keyframing even thought the keyframes have the same position between keyframes my motion was drifting up and down. I tried best I could the find out the reason but decided to delete the keyframes and add new ones. Thankfully it was a simple beginners thing. Still worried and confused as to why this happened, I don't think I moved the anchor point but still had no idea where the added motion was coming from.

  5. عبدالرحمن يوسف says:

    awesome channal thank you very much

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