11 Replies to “#1.3 Android User Interface: Best Practices for Supporting Multiple Screens”

  1. oussama elbaz says:

    Thank Sir , this lesson very help.

  2. Subroto Basak Shawon says:

    Thank you So much

  3. အိ အိ says:

    Thank Sir , this lesson very help for me

  4. Tahir Khan says:

    short and smart presentation.thanks sir

  5. Danish Amjad says:

    Check it out the Constraint layout performance issues:

  6. Mohammed Mutwakil says:

    Would you please provide this with examples ?

  7. Go Fudge YourSelves says:


  8. dejo095 says:

    Best channel! Thanks

  9. Anikesh Patel says:

    Great sir,
    How we can design (our own || custom) view or widget as well as view group ….?

  10. Anonymous says:

    The consistency and flow of your videos is commendable. Keep up the Good work Sriyank and I am looking further to support you in every manner.

  11. AKASH KUMAR DAS says:

    Great video , I always like your video and than starting watching.. have a question .. I try to find out everywhere but didn't… Question: Why should not go for flutter ..

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