09.3| All the Colour Logos – How to Design a Logo

July 28, 2019 posted by

as you can see here I've got together some of the logos where I've cleared them up I've tried out a few different colors but mainly stuck to the lime and the orange that Brian said he lights so what you can do now is take the logos in turn just copy them and then paste them onto a page of their own each so I would it have one logo per page or in this case I've got a logo on the reversed out version and then if I just blow this up a little bit you can see what I do at the bottom of the page is but just put say option one option two so if you're talking either via email or over Skype it's much easier just say oh I like option two or I don't like this about option two and you can create extra pages just go by going to window artboards obviously you can see I've got six already you can just go to new artboard and that'll give you an extra page there is a huge amount of debate on how many logos you should present a client it can go up from anywhere from people saying you should present one or two ideas to people who present ten or more so I tend to go somewhere in the middle and usually present anywhere between four and six ideas as you can see here like I mentioned before I've got each logo on a page and the best thing to do is just save that save out these pages as a PDF and it's much easier then to send that to a client cuz most people can open PDFs so if we go file save as get down to PDF hit save and I'm just gonna leave it on the default for now and then hit save as PDF and that's ready then for emailing out

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