03/08 Trim Paths II — Motion Graphics: Design Loading Animations

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and this lesson we’re going to work on our turf animation so just as before let’s make a copy of loading one so control-c control-v to create a copy and this is going to be a load number three show you here you’re going to have the same content as before and for this one what if we keep that gray layer that we like but make like one line chasing the other so this is just the keyframes instead of lasting that long I’m going to move them a little bit to left so now you can see them right here now just as before select the last keyframe and press alt that way you can make this last little so you can see how now it’s one last thing to frame 24 so that is fine I’m going to select this layer and make a copy by pressing ctrl C and then ctrl P and again you don’t see a difference because both of them are happening at the same time but if I move this one let’s say around here to frame over 6 you can see how one is happening and then the other one is chasing right behind and this is the effect that I want for this animation so that’s okay now I’m going to change the color instead of of that blue to a color that I’ve like from from color on so I’m just going to type it in there it’s going to be this this green and let’s make another one so again I’m going to create a copy but first let me change the color because actually this one could be a little different so just a red one so now instead of having blue and green I have red and green now that I have this I’m going to make another copy so control C control P and let’s move this one instead of six to twelve and as you can see that after that it happens the other green follows and let me in gurgaon to actually change it to to a blue one so let’s change the color manually now we can see how this is all happening if I got to the end you can see as my animation is not ending so I’m going to go right clicking composition settings and I’m gonna extend the duration to something a little bit more so around 90 frames just to be sure that everything is happening right there I’m going to extend this whole later the one that has a grey line and I reach the exactly where this is ending first let me select both of these make a copy so controls equal to P and now you can see how after that green one I want to another wet to follow so here she’s going to move this one right there he can you can see like visually where you need that ledger to come in and now you can see that instead of a degree when a red one is happening so let’s just add Chelsea sliders and bring that back Quinn because that’s the one that is supposed to follow you can see how now goes green around there and then there comes in the red so I’m going to actually bring that layer in just a little bit more right there so now if I make a little preview you can see how all of them follow I’m going to press you to find that last keyframe put into three my work area and you can see how all of them are happening so you can different colors right there so I’m going to treat my comp to the work area and drop that one sample just drop it there and just as before it’s not long enough so I’m going to right-click time enable time remapping then find that last keyframe or you could also type here the property loop out it’s the same and then fight that clearin that doesn’t have anything go on before make keyframe delete the last one and just extend your leisure so it’s long enough I’m going to move it around here select the three of them and align them horizontally just moved in a little bit there you can move my my my timeline to a point where I can see three of them and change this page properly so in the next lesson we’re going to keep working on our animations

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