02/08 Reuse an animation — Motion Graphics: Design Loading Animations

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and this lesson we’re going to work on our second loading animation so free-throw graph is just copy this loading animation number one to just ctrl-c and ctrl-v to create a copy now I’m going to go to my loading – and opening it and it’s going to have the same contents as loading 1 now in here what I want to do is actually we use what I did change it a little bit and add some more so you’re going to see how it’s going to help so I’m going to go to my composition settings and change the duration to something longer around 50 this is going to be actually longer and I want to stretch my letter so unlock for now they the great one a little bit so you can extend it both of them and as you once you can lock that layer again now I am actually not going to need it because for now I want the circle to be completed but not without grey circle in the background I’m going to move the keyframes a little bit so I’m going to go right there to the end and move them so let’s select my layer and make a copy actually I think for now the keyframes are working just like that so now that I just press ctrl-c and ctrl-v and create a copy I have both animations but both of them are happening and at the same times you probably don’t see any difference if I’m not one a little bit you can see now it kind of last longer but really to see the difference you could change the color and as you can see how one on top of the other the darker blue is happening and ending and just because I moved it around three frames and it’s happening later so what I can do is copy that layer that I just created so control-c control-v to create a copy and actually first let’s move it to four and now do the copy and move it around order for and let’s change the color to a darker blue so you can see what is happening now you can see how just moving it by measures I can see – now my animation is ending on the frame 36 so I can end right there with my work area so I can see the look I can make one copy one more just move it around four frames and I’ll do so if you layer and press you you can see all the keyframes you have poured all the properties that you have animated now let’s send right there and let’s change the color to something diapers you can see it now you can see how four different tones are happening and how that is looping now if you had to use colors that you already have selected that’s fine but if you want to find some nice colors you will go to color on that code find ones that are popular and find a combination that you like so let’s see for example if I want to work with blues they have been doing it maybe I can work with this so what I could do is just simply go here and copy this color by just selecting and pressing ctrl C then going back to after fix find one of my layers go right there and paste that number right here and you can see how does change to to that color what also you could do is let’s select the second one pick the eyedropper and just select the color you can see that I’m selecting it because my monitor is not the white but you can just simply open Chrome and sample the colors right there or whatever browser you’re using you simply pick them and you’re going to be able to to pick just with the eyedropper and same if you already have a color in your comp let’s say that you are using a background you could also sample it just like it just like that just sample the colors that you need and press ok and as you can see how having all those colors and creating an animation that you can loop which is exact ones that I had select and color hot so now that I have it I am I’m going to actually taste the color so you can see it that’s the same way and now it’s happening in you it’s the same animation with it on the first lesson but now it has a more more life because right now it’s creating the circle but with different colors so we can do it just as before right click on our work area to trim it so right click and trim pork area so now it has exact time then we need drop this one on sample loading number two and just as before you can see that our comp is not long enough and we just want to loop it so we’re going to do is select our logic right click time enable time remapping find out last keyframe and remember to that one doesn’t have any information so what one piece behind you set a keyframe right there and let’s delete the last one now you can alt and click on the stopwatch and what you could do is just ctrl C to copy the expression and control V to paste it and the same effect is going to happen so if you really have an expression just copy and paste it maybe that’s faster and you can see how that no one is looking now it’s aligned instead of our brought to selection there is composition to selection and now we can see both of our animations so in the next lesson we’re going to work on our third animation so see you this

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