01/06 Pinterest — Graphic Design: Vectorize an Adventure logo_ENG

July 31, 2019 posted by

so to get some ideas before I started creating my adventure logo I went on Pinterest you can see I have just a normal board here i type in adventure and you can see we got some ideas here it’s very landscape II open spaces camping very rustic and you get a whole wide of images here and it really helps me to just get a picture for what I can use so you can see what a compass we’ve got bodes he’s got some jeeps swings pyramids you can really just pick any object and just put it down into simple form so a simple shape so you can see a car here they’ll be a nice silhouette there and you can really use anything it just make a Pinterest board get a few images you know just save it and this will really help you get a picture on what type of objects you can add into your logo design so it’s good to create and have an image of a simple shape where you can put typography within it and that’s what I picked and yeah so just do this and you’ll find some nice inspiration another thing I do is I typed in rustic color schemes just to play around with some colors and you can see here that if you click on one of these images you can go and zoom in there and you’ll see you’ll get all these colors and what you can do is just right click save image or copy image and then just go back to illustrator and just dump it in there and then get your eyedropper and you’ll be able to get those colors ready and add them as a swatch and once you’ve done that then you can start playing around with those colors and have palettes so this is one of the ways I use to get some cool colors and it’s good to do it beforehand so you’re ready and to add them in your design or illustration

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