🔴 Curriculum for Self Taught Designers— What You Need To Learn

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  1. Loop Com says:

    just love you guys!!!

  2. Tonmoy Karmoker says:

    A great content for a self-taught designer like me. Love to watch and learn from you, Chris!

  3. Glenn C says:

    I'm just gonna watch youtube videos of all of these, should be enough lol.

  4. AVIAN says:


    3:35 When you teach:

    You pay it forward to the community.

    You open the door for others who want to do the same.

    Confidence boost.

    You define your process.

    You learn about yourself and how to articulate your thoughts.

    It establishes you as an expert = biz opportunities.

    7:50 Don't take yourself too seriously – encourage creativity by giving space for people to make mistakes.

    13:17 21st Century designer overlaps Design, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Self awareness.

    16:27 Design

    • Lettering

    • Typography

    • Drawing

    ○ Figure

    ○ Viscom

    ○ Perspective

    • Editorial

    • Exhibit

    • Environmental type/Wayfinding

    • Sequential

    ○ Storyboarding

    ○ Sequence

    • Identity Design

    ○ Branding

    • Web/App

    ○ UXUI

    ○ Landing Pages

    • Packaging

    • 3D Viz

    ○ Model

    ○ Render

    • Studio Projects

    • Design Principles

    ○ Color Theory

    ○ Grid

    • Design History

    24:35 Learn tools on: Lynda, School of Motion, Mograph, Learnsquared, Greyscalegorilla, etc. Go on the internet.

    27:15 Don't spend money just to spend money. Opt for the $Free.99 education first before paying for it. Go to the library.

    30:40 People should be allowed to learn the way they want, and about what they want to learn. People have their own unique gifts that education should accommodate and cultivate instead of beating everyone into an average mold.

    35:29 Allan Watts: We shouldn't work, we should play. Our whole lives should be designed around play. The trick is to get paid to play.

    Are you doing something that you find fun? Is it like a sport to you?

    37:05 Read and follow facebook group directions. Please.

    38:32 Marketing

    Communication design



    Content Marketing/Social Media

    Psychology of Marketing

    Email marketing

    All these through the lens of Analytics/Metrics Conversion action:

    Social engagement

    Sign ups





    Traditional Marketing: Brand awareness.

    New Marketing: What you do, has to have a consequence on the business. Now that there are metrics to measure efficacy, design can be quantified for value.

    41:50 Look at design thru the lens of new marketing: what we do is more objective rather than subjective.

    44:21 Jack of all trades or Specialist? When you market externally, be a specialist. When you're learning skills for yourself, you should learn EVERYTHING.

    49:18 Whatever you spend most of your time on, is what you are and what you become.

    51:08 Be active in learning cross-disciplines.

    55:14 Entrepreneurship

    Business 101


    Business Plan (Mission/Vision/Values)

    Investor Deck

    Keynotes (Nancy Duarte)

    Managing People (Lean + Agile)




    Customer Service

    Sales & Marketing






    Critical Thinking

    Public Speaking




    Crisis Management


    1:14:50 Teaching yourself.

    Use books.

    Type slow into Google to get suggestions from predictive text.

    Find a good writer and go to talks/watch videos etc.

    Join the Futur Pro group.

    1:21:48 Pitch vs Presentation

    Pitch – Showing and selling

    Presentation – Showing, not selling.

    1:26:44 What happens when you love everything and don't know what to specialize in?

    First column: Write a list of everything you love to do.

    Second column: What is going to help me create the most impact on the goal of what I want to do?

    Create scores 1-10 to rank the first column items. Add more attributes to score against.

    Then take the top 3 things with the 1) Biggest impact 2)Takes the least time 3) Requires the least resources and focus on that.

    Ted Talk about finding your purpose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVsXO9brK7M

    1:30:25 Maximize time by learning the tools. Become a master of the tools so you can make whatever you're thinking of.

    1:34 Building a social media following:

    Do something that's valuable to your community. What is valuable to your community? Test: Would you pay to see it? Engage with people with your process.

    See what other influencers in your space are doing.

    Futur video on building a following: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fX7m03XsGGI

    1:39:05 Managing people better: Be a servant leader. How can I help you be your best?

    How are you judging or looking at work? Create a rubric/matrix of your criteria to abide by.

    Give your employees permission to be explicit about their capacity.

    Ex: "I want you to do __, ___, and __ by (time). Can you get it done for me? If not we can figure out another solution.

    1:42:54 All graphic designer should learn SEQUENTIAL DESIGN. Sequential design is telling a story over a series of images. Ex: storyboard, brochure, etc.

    Thank you Chris.

  5. Felix R. Arriaga says:

    The Radio and Television Production major side of me cringed every time the echoing happened(at least 5 or 6). However bc I love this channel I will watch every video through and through no matter how much I cringe.

  6. Felix R. Arriaga says:

    *Army of Chris's chanting one after the other and interrupting each other saying "I'M PARCHED AND I'M HUNGRY!" *

  7. Diego Gnoatto says:

    Damm, brother you blew my mind for a secont time about how education of the future should be thing, it instantly connected me to something i saw before but was ancient knowledge of the humans its called ubuntu, is what you were talking about , i agree 200% with you both on this matter, check it out https://youtu.be/CMks6O0Fhh0?t=702 , thanks for the awesome content, i refering your channel like crazy here in brazil to anyone design/marketing related.

  8. AMR says:

    I love the organization of the description. Two years ago I was 16, and didn't understand my career. Now, I'm 18, and I get it thanks to you, and the people I've met. Keep working hard The Futur

  9. Rayan Ali says:

    what about flat , vector design ??

  10. Ed PerezDesign says:

    thats an overwhelming curriculum, but I wish my school would of have thaught me at least the basis of half of that, now I have to learn the rest on my own

  11. Roots says:

    they teach real design stuff

  12. Colleen Oconnor says:

    I love those posters. awesome video, as usual. I graduated in 92. I'm rebranding myself and getting my confidence back. I never got any of those classes except typography which was not very good. I lost my confidence years ago and I'm tired of being beat out by younger designers that don't have experience. So I appreciate everything you teach. I'm learning all over again.

  13. Rowida Badawy says:

    You break the boundaries and obstacles
    I'm from Egypt and just want to say Thank You!

  14. Nelson Yiap says:

    Guys, wish me luck. I'm a web developer going freelance and want to learn more design/entrepreneurial skills. Let's do this!!

  15. Lenny Hyungsuk Kim says:

    Hey Chris! Could you explain about your whole team's 'meh' reaction when it comes to color theory and composition stuff? I find it surprising because most of newbies eventually start from there.

  16. Shey Velasquez says:

    34:55 I have the same thoughts Chris. Thanks. I'm a creative and mktg teacher. I homeschool my kids. My son is like Mattias. Will use your design curriculum for his Art and Design class. These are beneficial to me too so I can bridge the gaps on my knowledge in design. Your videos are big help learning a lot. 👍👍👍

  17. Amalia Dragu says:

    I needed this so much. Thank you

  18. Hustle Graphics says:

    Molly, are you Behance,i really want to be inspired by your work.i love the integrate your design skills.

  19. Usman S. Ansari says:

    i love you guys so much, You helped this poor guy (me) become a cool designer on freelancer.

  20. Tasha Hadley says:

    Daum Chris is looking good in this video.

  21. Doctor Grafo says:

    Hi Guys. I think its very important to Learn and Practice Emotion Management to get better in negotiates and Dont Give Up so easily and get better relation ships with your clients. Thanks for Sharing guys!

  22. lola russo says:

    I’ve been a teacher for many years. That said…I also wrote curriculum for schools, districts and states. All in art education. Not many art teachers are up for researching and doing that tedious job of writing a curriculum. (Drawing a curriculum would be more fun). I give you a lot of credit.


  23. Babajide Alamu says:

    While "self-learning" can I post my works on socisl media or should I focus on learning my craft before sharing my works online?

  24. Babajide Alamu says:

    Thanks Chris and The Futur "dream team" I've been searching for this, I checked Art Center's curriculum and I couldn't understand 90% of it.

  25. Kreativ says:

    1:44:55 this is crazy xD

  26. SF Nadim says:

    Hey, I have a question. For all The Things I need to learn For design is There a Hierarchy or should I Just Jump In from one corner?

  27. Carlo Galima says:

    They missed photography 🙂

  28. Ahmed Maher says:

    man i can never thank you enough the only i cansay that you are agreat man and i wish if every one in the world is like you :* your fan from egypt 🙂

  29. Joanne says:

    Amazing content. Thank you so much !

  30. NYJanus says:

    Watching this video was the best 2 hours I spent all year. And I'm not being sarcastic. It may have made an impact as profound as changing the direction of my life. Thanks for the valuable videos.

  31. Kevin Delane says:

    Just revisiting all of the previous live streams and they were all so amazing!! To Chris's point about the importance of copy writing, I think that is an invaluable skill to have. As designers, we do not think that we will have to write anything throughout our career. But we use persuasive and engaging writing every day of our lives (even if we are not physically writing)! In short, LEARN COPY WRITING.

  32. planforge says:

    Thnx for pointing me in the right direction when I am trying to land a job and have no school! Props for taking the time

  33. Eden Grim says:

    This is gold. I was looking for a curriculum that I could form and be comfortable with at age 17. Thank you for this video, I now know how to go about design as a self learner. I started graphic design 1 month ago and I particularly want to do logo design and be proficient in it to eventually transition to main title design in the Atlanta film scene ( ofc I'll have to do mograph 🙂

  34. Andrey Solodov says:

    Amazing show. Deep and meaningful conversation with tons of valuable information. Thank you a lot!

  35. Superb Dvlpr says:

    I think you guys need to provide that kind of curriculum online and the let people who really want to learn that kind of thing and get the best possible information which I think you guys can collaborate and provide.

  36. Musique Decor Multimedia says:

    hey chris thanks for this

  37. Gleidston Filipe says:

    I too am a master debater: a master-bater.

  38. Hendrik Breitmann says:

    Hello, I'm really new into drawing and design in general and I highly appreciate the content you guys provide!

    While watching this video, in the design panel the word "Viscom" came up, but I couldn't find any information about that – could you explain what type of drawing that is?

  39. Cor Blimey! says:

    Great vid. Thanks!
    Is there a better free course that you would recommend for graphic/UX Design? I've come across many but end up really confused! Please help.

  40. Mighty Dawn Web Services says:

    I 100% agree with your stance on education. In my youth, I worked as a teacher in a few different private schools, both traditional and Montessori and studied education, taught in graduate school, once married to a national education reform expert who worked for the Gates Foundation who found and prospered financially from her passion, etc. I'm convinced that we each have a unique gift that needs to be fostered and the rest isn't so important. If we foster that gift, each child will have natural curiosity, passion, fun and success. THAT's why we live!! I have found this for myself and want it for everyone! I believe it's possible for everyone. You just keep moving in the direction of the thing that most excites you in any given point in time. Eventually, you will find what you really love, what feels like play.

  41. Mighty Dawn Web Services says:

    Great content! I am looking forward to when I can afford to join the pro group. On a different note, you need to be nicer to Otto! "…I don't care what YOUR position is, what is HE saying!?" "You're getting me off track!" OUCH! Then you said "Otto?" and heard crickets…while Otto is picking his heart up off the floor where you stomped on it. (Fyi, I'm a fellow INTJ so I get it but still dude, c'mon). I understood what he was saying the first time he read the question. But you blamed him for your lack of understanding even though Aaron and I both understood. You say that people need to specialize but then why all the job postings ask for the opposite (well-rounded). It's a valid question. Otto didn't mess up as much as you made it seem like.

  42. Connor Nash says:

    Spend a day or two learning about printing: the different processes , production design, correct file set up and so on…. it will save you time later.

  43. J Almon says:

    My school was very all over the place lol. I’ve learned 3 out of the list you made. It is very tough for me to see right now because I am almost graduating and I have a very basic knowledge. How do I get started to self teach the other subjects? Where do I start ?

  44. TIDDER says:


  45. Naofumi Iwatani says:

    the callers were pretty frustrating. when chris asked them to get straight to their question most of them didn't listen and instead were mumbling about things no one really cared about but themselves. and yes, I'm not a people person.

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