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Oh Elizabeth Allah yá'át'ééh Manama was nationalists the commune's errand in in the 2002 no Jennifer enlarging and Hadassah Patel su Utah Valley beta shooter Minerva element of a third party a bad Candela to Oslo head of hospitals column is so jealous our joy you you as I live not too thick it cannot watch mercied Amazon but Liu without like a scherzo never written a new memo yes I admit far too young Mita was no yeah good to Manisha howís another go verso no pattanayaka wash language Turkish posada can SE good to toast above so caliber by joseph raj macaca a lotta one do I'll attach of una una hora de hugger salam the data cache go to nacho benezia kebab you angry sorry similar cut butter cinnamon sorry Salam a little more your demeanor brat with Jeanne Dominico allure a semester Dadar are two million Mattias now yeah tell are you here mangas Rolla huge Kyra Dahmer Arg angry yet about do pizza watching ssagaji Villanova to chamber yeah go buy new yet America to know Alec town domination floral battling the Molotov corner and doomed Omaha grass alarm osmond Agnes metal em alone yes Canyon a chicken and egg are eaten another gallon malice no you in after valiree become safer all arahat genius baloney the monatti minority president rustic aesthetic aesthetic a safari you work at in Anakapalle ananthan lipid caribbean traffic in Newbridge Naruto the youngest governor – named Macomber is the coconut tsunami como Menem birth of our method is a macabre many – a Haitian patent an invitee there was couple national no mikata mommy's yoga the roomiest mangas Tomoko night one more are actually gonna ban on DNA yes latekka set up on her own is a Brennan is Fatima let's move what's more modest Mishima Gooch anyone yata Mata dam is like when you actual American antic are no I can't Agarn I don't know does he eyes were too busy busy good day i mean IAM and it was from abacus no patella fracture minimal it but video stills book or nitro nitro no and I'm watching him and I said there's a Unitarian Kahuna garden I'd rather be enemas own eyes wide to an end Laguna Menem minimum birthday at Shepperton dollar to the virtual mallet yeah hallelujah Cavalli a settler certain components are the captain Ronnie Mehadrin which I encourage any George average some Liberty Mutual Valley Project human tomorrow better heavy Geralyn but the Kodama twisted number Caspian Amato Ramirez from attitude Anya additive a future international network astronomy Michigan general bazinga Dino in the rotunda more comfortable but carbonado meet at the cell phone agar this Catemaco button does this katomina h in what has an art in qatar my master data otto haggis in visca by man of super dilip's references Coronas abaca the dome Quattro's Ibaka H in the digested in as I said is a totally now garden commissary kizomba allow atoms in Redemption Dobson's era in a new telemetric Charlie Sorel did you choose be able to demo a fabric on ademco Lahari to whatever known mmm it's wristwatch modify oh no indeed but you were too busy no miss everything in a minute man William Amanda benzene is a matter to Nehemiah Ezra Hammon alphabet amino I wanna miss of r1 Alan Wade willow good legwork on Amanda's only Moscato it is about Miss Sarah what a sociable able to name you decaf eggnog good at Aspen at the ricotta much I'm gonna rattle a deck more hotel roots in do more yeah girl grows mr. Burkett bazooka toots amber natural aroma ta-da Rakuten la minimum – Tanya honoka's evil FML contributor to the Amazonia Sheila Burton I've got a macabre seven bloom demo it's like aa carborundum VD Buddha – butter cinnamon choleric would generally morality are still on the grill in fact in America Tylenol tattoo : Lucinda Janet – statistical suit on our langree back over semester Allah Allah humongous taka rotten yeah whenever I talk on like in the back burner Google notch 1 + cos we got another you know anything almost first yes Rama and his we allow 10 hits be more related in them I dig a friend that is a morning after a night but 10:00 my 10:00 after not good mr. hearted yummy chilly no coleauxv la his banana mystical natural you Salazar atomic physics Tommasino Africa no wonder at night he because he kind of time they hadn't recovered WBC I resumed on malim Miele hide culvert obstacle yeah param gatim oh so aviary nor no we have to insert honest murdered her own cat among them so much we know the in America Hanukkah calendar so let's dignity yeah because of happened and II could be dead in them okay no negative what are the Charlemont at a toccata to noon there was attitude mister which guava is in a garage I talked to mr. Aguilera the salami alone a gravity-fed sooner yeah II know family pet much total Chandu was not awkward you know that the more cafeteria would imagine year with the task arena but Alejo Tilikum you know Makino to say so he would Allah elephant has he gone thousand Gary that I will see that her master Drogo Honan went Fattah given a little fatter a negative iguana gurgle good inoperable anomalous in iam that another gallon when the some cabinet in the moon service you little Kakuta to cast on a garage who Laura damu Hager I'm gonna betray democrática b'hala but cut never watch him one yes ah yes ah with bitter loom dog no banda banja luka dish but rather deep you Stallone would submit that shown did no scows bananas with that like alumina get another garden man well EJ can be gelatin disaster not risk a degree the register market are attenberger is he done hundred seven market research kotone but I'll go tuna a political kiss our energy it was a banana pepper which I'm not fat advocate ultimate Idol in the demo in lab Hakuna Matata kaminin mechanical him we must attend the local camera and vanilla in the manual circuit Obelix watch oh honey no Naga remover because he run husband – a knock hey it was random atomic easy you cut a mom his boner you get a rose behave Nagar leadership Ronaldo a la cerva Nagari ohm a mongoose are athenians around which are usually Israel and the liquor cause it is hot water I know cuz I'd wanna Jumeirah Beach a yo-yo stone with which my swarajyam borrow a jacket on the Lucina got it about man with Karina Martin yeah Amara Yogi Berra satellite on a target of a semi-batch Oh an academic at and ignore him at Lamar ever get a police Hyman charitable Guatemala who Nevada and not her fault buzu nubret Rodman a bad Carmela to Oslo hello Hospital ah Oh in the sushi Kowloon hey whoa – the Siegelman Telugu booga-booga Zod Drona's again Hunter blow man was going to settle at más reciente Lakota let us go on tableau no bamboo karate value assessment coated lines must go at the mind on Anatomy misgovernment really closely to get a thematic gum a little bit actually cotton toss through it has a good monitor running by Bautista Munna in its kind of cigars come ashore to I will get a gun Cooney hog are actually initially cacao to nearness of Allah but let's agree on a bunch of garlic a bit alarmed can you have great alibi to him yesterday at one o clock on college college she was from Sri Lanka taught in Abu Salah seek of to meet Nakata new server / autumn akhaten O son unless autonomy cooler cookies didn't see the ammonia but no to smooch most formulas he is diabetic at La Laguna de Blasio Nakano let's to call out touch you see the protective fanatic because his bed alone Cassadine has been utterly home even giving them el sol been phenomenal ambassador – le lagon this Iran cannot sue Byrne involved web the new church in Istanbul is very much then lalito conceived it and the mid season here in an emotional eater Alec chef Jeff Fargo a mysterious and a labor organizer oft new cabinet magazine you I'll sue you thar palav 80-foot our Minerva element of a sort world the fatties are Roman – no Yokosuka after – an equalitarian a tough of sewer another stuff Rosanna Maria the sea Tamina I'm mechanically an Americana trauma adinarayana an alumina dica has restored Iggy Hotaru could known would aguar Atif oh look our boundary as in younger teen angry tenant world and Hussein Toyota Andrew Montana's me know I've run told an organelle in the shaman mineral saith not lynnium say it is a toilet Oh Alan chocolate Alanna Ubach are what if you are late Bogota for work now say me yes papa so workers in NASA then Mustafa chuckle charm and igano-kun oh yes holy SH give me nuts but am guru communal mops and everyone got both abetik Adubato Nathan Bates a tomatillo Carlo Alberto doctor in Yemen but the bananas if students watch no but then the Columbia Heights on our current below no but take it easy Domino Cooper you ladies are rated as a batch oh but de la putana at fotona immoral you know one would cut another super high McCulloch a sir I forgot body and on sorry I'll have many Muslims to inter for good Ireland have a brunette better it'll burn cocoon Valerie no I'm not gonna kill a cow in the UI element a2 he was a gentle Fuji butter no miss Ackerman domestic Jelena Micic you'll never know I don't belong a borough in a good majority number but amongst AG economist William Angus digit matter comparable damu is a bitches at work man G we cut aluminum the manometer the Hitachi mom hasta mañana Salomon you cotton mr. Cozzi alfalfa little Annanagar misogyny melanin oh hey no rollin on some mr. Mattei no pathologies yet document Leila is you don't do that again Leila Hatami pain but her Pomona bonamana bonamana I wrote Azaz no immune or New Guinea hilly you mechana to see domine mu1 mu2 of tow Kalina Cavaliers your damn because I oh no I'm a comma to who no kannababu guna Brutus at a future and become a Tony look I'm kind of sugarr no mineral see God did not you see God see God I mean she got good Nana said angry camel cash with Chechen budahas EMU – one die-cut yeah McCulloch I said I will not do more you clearly you Highland goody Fatima by Madras yarmulke got throats in bamas rats I only alone on sorry Salam my chillin Alma laughs no look at time get a wedgie wits about you and Dominic welcome Kathy otitis Andaman Amara vanilla national unity guru Chechen come over cigars in demand naphtha the Millers a good thing to be safari twitch in the mid the ragout know Mary Jo Alan but a Kalugin family catenaccio year without Luke watch your semester either huh sobs October that ya know but Ellie a little delay the concetto who'd ever time miss ever know the a good day for me workers that were not a foursome oh you want a manipulator a favorite with a good man no Madame Merkel mechanical Bella tragedy I don't know but the challenge I come Hulu American Beach a7 sober Manhattan Beach are we gonna check in in virtually dost Muhammad Lebanon will vanderbuckle Elena therapy they named Emily the energy converter Kazuto we're going to church in the mark of our mechanic but them demography I didn't know much and everything at the hotel night Anna Nagar his boost and oh Memphis in Malcolm and festive holiday items large button in a stir bar but the devastating good at horse ranch arrived in Vienna Master Bolena Vancouver caffeine Iannetta a dentist's umbrella Baku pooja – no I was watching new staff at Arak modular concerning a girl never connect admonish my below to the liquor but regime Anatolia Nagar he violating in my local gated and empty Masonic global America Mike in Vallejo not affect American women a girl man a suit like you call a and I you know a latekka knock Morton it's become a Buddha and that's a phylum art actually what yeah but I'm a mess mazurkin good day notice the on and it and the and the Chiba catechist attaboy holla y'all know what Sonya would there be a most or in a good day culpa so the couch I didn't with a millennia back to another mine asked me to do but in memoriam the better give by Buster actual member esmigiel personal time of study Kabbalah Marisa what about Monica damn it what that had bloom in dengue Liam today most girls full-dome so boom mita yuko t I can't identify it in malice at one Alcuin immunity I can end up yeah Melissa Allah lady what a duty I can I borrow him thanks a million does he agenda me tonica kombucha without workers come on addressing him to get to know me head no I wanna tell you beyond the see what autonomy home because we got a title and understand agar ella es que pegaron debe garrison Salomon the cat Rosalyn must be a massive owner in allometric Tabari mohan she might do another path which Blair no come on America with knows what about that bloom I'll have a net on the last night the macro karate was mass capital but when jellybeans miss a tough so what a Timmy who never won jail they miss a tough one Yahoo Google Malik gotten together overhead who know me take my name in the community you Noonan sorry Salam bucket I Nutella mascot and look I'm not about which car Gershman Luchino cattle our universe Erica laton GD jiggy meter but Natalie the movies at the time Walker only Jimmer on that second extremists erotic bottom bazookas cations are a salamba zoo boo boo – lemon T'Challa Lena yes agent Moreau strike at Ellen Ellen Selena Bronco nama second Alden you I want someone who but there are so yeah so much mood you never had to admit yeah I'm gonna talk about mcurtin Jigga's awesome unknown when Albert could do better yeah korabl only taffeta me alone a girl you know what content açaí mama table touch us tomorrow Jelena girl Oh Amelia no no no Corrado the combat agenda Betty no mom not even at water enjoy your car in the garage making salmon to seven buy a condo in the Koran in Albertville at Malcolm heading to London and do a bit exchanging my mood to work and actually no vigil on it later in Calimesa we make ramen kanamycin the only thing you know before cutting in it Alomar buttoned us tomorrow Tuolumne good day Costanza ionia Turkish Hotel don't chicken Alan couldn't machine Gretchen in a baroque Adam silly number about the church in Burma cover band Annette Muslim Christian Mandela who know but the stone bars own synagogue of she covers you know her husband oh oh no sermon yeah in a burrow Malcolm Terry catching court oh sorry catch anemia devices window mobile true Nagarajan Amiata communicative malifaux sugar watch any yeah in a little bit when you're done cuz your answer about which defended Aldous Kirk of a little stalker o muhammad abu bakr romano Baga rambutan a tulum without a toilet auger sarah kovin dem olu Martin what is it abandon network of our Indian or autocannon hasta mañana Kenya master mariokarrion a lot back up and a girl in auricular a master mariner kendama slot in the temple in original you know goodness condom Delos yeah Lamaze tomorrow tattoo yeah but a church generic user and elf yeah alternate but delicate the goon who doesn't worry mall good day Aborigine Marco Rubio Devin it's a faded but when it on you Hank the never known when Alamut classical oh god no I'm not really touching come on Liz oh yeah Bachchan Tariq about a church in yellow in the Quran I believe I also drove towards Jerusalem we're done Santa Catalina but I wasn't in that alley when a lot I'm La Cucina salmon risotto just a little joke tremendous ol Tillich Nagar in this origin in hostile and Harlan Harlan County yes tomorrow Carlo de Vaca Tallinn Riga rambutan Italian Oh at a time no digital master marner new church in Omicron would but Anna Solley was a man who'll I mean I own a garage Arlo forget Eva Tati and rickety FSMA Arlo what that rabbit a minute oh sorry Allie no se le level and Bimini but you see I'm now might not be better a minute – Sarah web my garbage in the pasture will be sure coach mckerrod telegrapher lotta women but a minute or a belief at aren t za za za Messiaen chasm Getti which in the Hunnam it has the Wachau natto Daniella the hey girl I say to Alan Tillich below male you tohoku we hug Aruba halal on either get here for Samia know what that salami the Pharisee a low-fat survey Iqaluit at Kazuto world Clanton about which was the a girl a are no routine after on a Wahhabi Nagar routine yeah yeah they go normality in al-saleem McKnight room Kadam Tabitha Chi me a stem root karana Nina big better immunity like you are known in number solutions heaven yes Oleg erotica in a base and in net Assad griot last which below a bottle GMM accrued missile Nagar merit lay out the Kakaako in Slovak tattoo a monopolist ionamin bestie hollow City here is heavenly Menaka m-miss arc greedy to look at the fat till liquid example kuta indelible guano you mimic route Selassie and yes and Nadia noona government no yes all Nagar a lemon cut master akhundov delicate yet no yacht the corner and cetera Solaris my dragon kill Killeen Don AMS timer by Lena said Nona Eva hidden what a to attack a man away handsome 12 Evelyn Sydney is a – Lindemann yeah but which condemns a Messimer torrential item Elizabeth torrential it in a girl kill kill naziball EMS ama sit which araçatuba large settlement or gallium like Atlanta Nasik ascertainable say – it's in NATO a Otto Ibaka – vilasa lemon in NAT which erecto is a raffle selassie what a bit a minute tomato you betta a minute with him Dempsey SM Marilyn you know I wanna yeah you a lot Batum is Luciano what a touch when I talk about a minute to Alberto and the sliminess in night Babita latest Hadees in the Quran in his homology is only miss referendum EMU a talk with a mosquito with a minute are better than nothing hi monotonic in luton a stem rotten ass tomorrow Buffett re India many other go yes tomorrow has had the gradually judge unum laser a follow to Yemen Oh to my bathroom on a hugger Shivaji Lochan dims MSM who got a touch button Abernathy verbally say reality boo nacho him suspect some way energy you see diamond hugger Gossett is a diamond by Helen get Zeta Y mono touching get Sita yayyy Reno I'm a note about which talented numata cian una delivered a mahakal to me Ballack our metabolism amethyst Kadabra miss kita lava catalyst which is that what to me mean a new ingenuity you de Mesquita Jeanine does naquadah raveloe see it won't do what to situation opera mezzotint Lisa Whelchel Kagura solemnly Batum investigator may mean a note of tourism a Baathist of titanium here bottle kingdoms and Nagashima religions as a manager at a lotta a political yeah Rekha she already política assesses heavenly Emma cattle who healeth which anemic at aloo bhujiya truth no ng with Aminata but which in our debate immunity that agony a militant Quang and IMS avocados in the acronym Dems and nasty rotten is have my dela Selassie money on bait Hamlet Bassam ain't in the the nominated by his hamon – it would land cattle and this lemon Abijah Maha Shiva cattle any Lacandon Wamba tougher assignment come miss cannibalize simcha to a child and now Durazo Oberman a bit queasy so Legion xavius afetr Adam in New Haven in which an effect Arawa solemnly Lila Soweto was gonna age in notion lyrical coach Kenya Megan a new leaf atari amiga solenoids veteran a cello in this room maybe natured hardly artificially low in this Hogan sir which card am NOT even native eternal milk action in Nagasaki nettle are you in the network and Ong and do casaba undulate channel inveterate alum copper not have eternal whatever animal easily a bit in your immunity latest – Betty no immunity booster for chilly at SFA no Billy Lambie Coleman in Yamba also had a BTech cover with avatar could ever give a lorry meelo evaru Nina man c'mon bolide Allah it's neither man named after her mother money multivator Allah subhana WA Ta'ala Fattah reaction less only uhm each other boon of hetero economists in the mia stubborn and non-tobacco Sayaka ha falco lho in nutella Ong and it'll AR you will have only two for a new category I shall um to carrucha nature I welcome whenever I check Alanna best occur so oh cool New Guinea a metabolic bear immunity low tide to be generally Selassie my name be here by Magnum la evil I am honbu dead so which durable and mozzarella been exhilarating Marathi Elam but I am afraid of tu an Bassam original ay sota Waldo on European watching yonder Colin yells acaba here is available and – come – can do y el Cigala Kellam madam basica attack a la colina Nagar Gil let's declare Akashi of our dunya their cash limits of how he would limit of all matter in limit of lava so Sonia get delano so Sonia zurafa how to laugh Milania Zarafa yes Zarafa yes they're living in the elevator to maneuver yourself a he is a refer yeah katal with the terminal so BA who knows a team I belong a grotto boost yeah Dre boule like amiable level is a man like since – with Nutella me belong aggregate le Lizzy in GD baby Emma – sorry I'll read a look wait a minute – assembly tomorrow Idol because you which in hom well-known a bit him not so cheap but I give Anita beyond and Luke initially salami myself give it a minute yellow mellow Panama battle a member sarahs row for to ste filtering assalam hymanot esta muchacha new state Alicia and na ba tyalagaad I know the better Metuchen in the ziggo dodge tickle-tag Ferrari in Devon ooh yay – Tamra Jonah Jonah Birgit wait a minute oh Chechen in the outer action yen entered were in intimate ambhiraj as the Mario – Adam yes Tamra you know gergan researching the zoomin attraction – temperature leak was Tata Guerra de Madrid acquire gift a tortilla me Toyota nacho Manute makinia toma una yoni alone firown' ein Solana forget a chemist Amar'e good let Olivia visible a civil the garden metaphor Chechen guarantees as seen Estella live sumaru me no chat Union in a mini a hill a what it was that joke up below let the Gothic VAR i havenít even necessary mellow the Yahoo steamy GABA in the Honan or Yemen io / KD by a beta Minah – Timur touch are low but a lame contributed a what is less Alam NASA defector by a wait a minute – via Metro Cochin bassoonist M rattlin Nagar in little Church in the zoom amino Chechen bazooka doll a bath aquarium McCandless cerasus aru and nacho I wanted a fat Aruna garage camasta Mari good lately bitch ass a own cognitive a whim yawning let's have our ability – asset oh good let in dolly yeah I mean I oh good the end I wanna know never cool I mean I own a cassette oh good little for so he would tell Kona seen me throw me some money tell Connie hassle in decimate some minion but a cassette o Kesava cappella Lakota butter in the Tanakh kurute recovery under smuggle a yahoo luma but no sorry smuggle attack a problem and they have monitor but ulama but Antonio Cosway Tammy Tabak he say tomahto sorry it of a troubled a button America Brazil empty mag illusion macabre Waterloo Yamaha new Kazuto Basra you Hamilton but which meant endo midnight solemn low in muslin Amaro to Katainen dillamond assalamu res no still Amina Lejeune in double later when so samba de Carvalho cut our current were treating mascarpone a de banda gaza cirrhotic Italian debt doctrine doctrine okay Itamar indeed in de la purissima wrote in tune or oh la Madrid and Muslim at Lejeune who ran through Twitter Scapa cuz I dunno Capel here we go thru you kappa lex hid money a muslim did I'm a Newton the cat hello I'm mrs. Olav musket a little bit Jumma it almost metallic but Jamar can I quote Jota Bollywood Wow salami in esta muerto Stratton in Weston were no Hamilton mess Tamron in the Xena garage best women now in the womb he ended with a minute it's a to a lute Yamanote Ostrom Road limit Oh blow I'm an Austrian mackerel in death Gabrielle a turkey cello helmet organ sorry wig aboot multiband barrace nearby russian Ilona and as nagarajan mm Ellicott Romeo no in lazy masala Leona Mitchell oh and original television late allahu al Ghul Balaton Anna's in the yet America tell about that yeah Nene mattone mattone America from Captain to grief adrenal fatigue gorilla my dad Aminata battle ethical yes tomorrow Nelnet I'm a new to mass tomorrow bitches I own a badly Union Dakota yellow will be mad a lot in the in the Catalina caboose Selam derogatory Madrid is slimming now – Chrissa – yes Tamara yellow Union and in the in the in the syllable now château have a note in the mess in themself ultimate would pad to blow Mulla Mulla Mulla tell and different in a guru broom on iTunes Aruna girl oh yeah hey man what demon demon internal group in general catch Ethan didn't Arabic no in denial you got them oh yeah well then I'll cook much weren't any better it's the one that is fortunate my mononym big pair you can have the Ruby tag are taken an Altima had a very limited pairs in every citizen hello Hina got lit passage hello lamenting abandoned diamond Atticus good multiple Halloween chicory yeah me alone in Nagar wait a minute tomb tatata alone the program that master model ana-lucy la Madrid Hammurabi Stockton was rattled another goal it must America banner lamentable ban would meet him at a low Nelson hit a fellow Neffs lemon yeah Nagar bogeys OH Markham Markham Salah moon were both hamamelis Yemeni but Regina yamaja verse 11 in a bit a minute action in Mass Tamar Bradley Manasseh Valley Kawasaki Thomas Gemma kisara we took on yellow narrow shallow Sarabi to commend static data know yet about a neural Anatomy Ranko Sarabi to budding diatomite sorry to take a lotta to Yukos 11 what are too unibrow you would have to submit you know tableau Marga be me Mitchell I am but submitted enough our Tottenham didn't guy I wore a yellow ties no he what that but exists masala is one do lies one but nestled a miracle is heart attack about the lay it lay an egg Arrieta reggae festival celebration UNITA Hagerman estaba borracho savato yeah Costello Italy has written Masseria metacommunity toe TV still battle Arbus only attaching a lot H of it I Tony said together a well with terraced Xavier you are Cacho Alcala to battle a stratagem rocket Scott Patrick ossetra bottom row the tag VAR en el macho who's Roger new chocolate yessir rural roots that elegy any the most Millennium in natural erosion look at the tackle now yes a bottom.i Selita hell yes hell yes rally at the time cuz I'm on oh yeah girl McCulloch ahead and does he take on a journalist I mean I put metal and I saw the movie more over but uh capita Hulu when I cannot yet traversed battle a bizarre malko she was still managed about the ragam L cool in the sauna touch the ends be ins came matters who illegally mechanical to do be an immersive Oh in a back cuz I'm all for the more yet about to alpha don't know no metallic will be a good manager who Versace Gucci Gucci Luther corner young chick motto will be watch and Africa be as we asked another good comet photo get in the member emaddix raha he Bitola you know in a book accurate the batch will be in a mess Bogota manga lesson in Casa cousin Ellen is able to do a routine but he kissed Todd diesel Catholic adoption dakota big metal goodbye to the italian in the more orbital model note at and I can let them know you know suitable model Ethel opposite against businesses and banner model years old with met Pat Hospital take this but a lab personnel created Nagar that ugly as my second erikabowman Yamaha McGill knows what is a touch lemon dinner with him Mangano you and imagine ability it has everything on the merchants hooky it has a river Inagaki Dharma Tamblyn Burton coalition lemon denomination lilies demo or many a minister Khomeini I mean I owe a giant tech millennium Ania Gemini's her watch Allen Exia we're covered avatar idea where I'm lucky yeah you know it's a girl beautiful and yamaraja let him see Dhamma horizon Jakob raha de la margarita below average and a missile Taurus 18c hasta la llevó Toma currency hasta la llevó ball tomorrow tinkle at Vitara Brezza phuket Haggart wanna what is it the rajadis one in yet emanuel any islands of watch shall miss a witch with a metahuman marisa with a yawn idle away ineligible away IntelliJ IDEA Catalano he is a fellow Lydia a ocotilla human the malicious of religion when jealous of SME is obeyed see Katella celebrity etiquette la lemons in metal an example Fatah resume examining never with the Adama was TM noon or his voice who latinum is he a gremlin or Berryessa watch each other Gabriel manaro Bonanno in Alaska berlina is the chin hugger Salam inhale Tibetan consumer Malaika masculine Sarah with aluminum metal Sarah Whittle Nashville eagle Antonella knowledge Bethel you attach an astronaut a baton medicine way Xavier give me eight about the lutein embarked aboard a beretta other give saddam on yamuna balcony you see da man you can lil – yeah a giveaway women matekoni who's titan ii i'll over here ASAP methane dannika meta bacala be exhibited in africa Catalano a second ago a lipid a media Asama hulu but are examining forte delays led in her favor debate Melissa can I am a titanium content mechanic we all Tanana hugger action in that lava but I will let no legally AfriNIC kazuma hala al dagger in l'm say let's see and ten nine eight yes Adama has wit a better give Anita Miller Hagen to never agree to a lab in acute agony honey yet evolution is Adama hugger Sudama Hezbollah Mishima Gilly say maneuverable tendon wellness convolution brain in Lafayette every other girl hood exhibit operation you work in a soul is at Xavier Alberto was salam alikoum rocket in general catch Ethan didn't Arabic no in denying he could pick them oh yeah multiple denied much well done better it's unfortunate my mononym bacon the ruby tech at the canal tawa had a very limited purse in every citizen hello Hina girl it passage hello London appended it diamond at the cosgood metal Halloween degree yeah me alone in Nagar very a militant Saturday alone program masta Madalena mythology l'm Averett hemorrhoids a botanist rotten fish am another goal it I won't let the time Mathematica banner learn when the ban would meet him at a low Nev Sunita fellow Neffs bitter lemon yeah Nagar burger Joe mark them mark warm Salam on woody both hamamelis Yamanouchi Botswana yamaja verse 11 in a barrier beta minute action in Mass Tamar Bradley – a valley salami no and do scrum and there was a caboose – look what I miss about you nacho nacho MIMO could dismiss often not could just run so does he in the wait a minute astha naga isaac easy amount of imatinib originally in the moment a comet hula tushy first I met with no Raj b'hala Bethel a baby to be known as tomorrow otaku comedic weeow okay comet general what are the harmonica comets dress tomorrow sign tomorrow same alkali Cho occlusal watch o Tanuku muchacha latina Islam is sitting the bananas and Megan both know the sea he could vomit vomit general store address technology two years around but we talk about the ragam are cool akhenaten but who got the toy yes Herr Albert when they taught child loop and this Adama zone I'm on Takamatsu Bam Bam a 32 Oz good to use her a little Charlie he boost a cab or Nagar it could be cha hole in Dyker but they are you milk but Lee would par to advise to stick about that to deserve indirect but Natasha el segundo guitar but a lady but I met who let tgz burgomaster gadget who tattled to match a challenge Absalom said Kim battle I guess I'm Andrew a Cho is the record button tortured Cucaracha yeah 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42 Replies to “በደቡብ ክልል በተለያዩ ከተሞች የደረሰው የንብረት ውድመት፣የነዋሪዎች የድረሱልን ጥሪ Hawassa | Sidama | PMEthiopia | Dr Abiy Ahmed”

  1. Abrar Gebremedhin says:

    እጅግ በጣም ያሳዝናል መንግስት መወቀሱ የማይቀር ነው እነዚ ሰዎች ክልልነት ጠየቁ እንደማንኞውም የደቡብ ጠያቂዎች እነሱ ከሌሎች የሚለዩበት ጉዳይ መኖር ዬለበትም ክልልነት ሊወሰንላቸው ነበር ጠብቁ ተባሉ ሊጠብቁ አልፈለጉም በማስፈራራት ሰው በመግደል ንብረት በማውደም መሆን የሌበትም አላማቸውን ግልፅ አርገው ነው ይሳዩን ሰው በገዛ ሀገሩ ልቀቅ ብለው ዘር ለይተው ማጥቃት እነዚ አጥቂዎች ሲከለሉ ምን ሊያደርጉ እንዳሰቡ ያሳያል የአከባቢው ሰው እነዚ ወንበዴ የሀገር ሰላም የሚያሳጡ ያለምንም ማቅማማት በቁጥትር መዋል አለባቸው የዚህ ክልል ሲሆኑ በአንዴ ነዳጅና ወርቅ ዳይመንድ አምርተው እስፔስ ሊሄዱ ነበር ግዜ አልሰጣቸውም ጎበዝ ወዴት እየሄድን ነው መንግስት ንቀት ነው ሀገር እንዳይረጋጋ ለማድረግ ነው ከዚህ በፊት ክልል የሆኑት ቢያድጉ እኞም አንቸገርም ነበር እነዚህ ኢትዮጵያዊ ናቸው ማለት አልችልም አሸባር ናቸው ፎከሩ አረጉት የክልል ሰራዊት ምን ያረጋል ደቡብን በሙሉ ነው እንዴ የሚያስፈራሩት ጀግና ጠፋ በእውነት

  2. Lina Lina says:

    መቼ ይሆን ሀገራችን ሰላም የምትሆነው አስለቀሰችኝ

  3. Sam S3 says:

    አተምልዮን ምትባል ሰውዬ አንተ ፈጣሪ ይቀይርህ ማትረባ ኮተታም

  4. Sam S3 says:

    እር ሰው ከተጎዳበሃላ ንብረት ከወደመ በሃላ ምንትሩጉም አለው

  5. ኢትዮጵያ የኛ ሐገር says:

    አቶ ሚሊዮን የምትባል ቆሻሻ ከተጠያቂነት አታመልጥም ለዚህ ሁሉ ንብረት ውድመት እና ለንፁሃን ሞት ግድያ እና አካል መጉደል የቤት እምነት ቃጠሎ ሁሉ ተጠያቂው አንተ ነህ ።
    ከመጀመሪያው መከላከልና ፀጥታ አስከባሪ በበቂ ሁኔታ ማሰማራት ሲገባህ ቁጭ ብለህ ይህ ሁሉ ጥፋት ሲደርስ ስትመለከት ሰንብተህ አሁን ከጎናቹህ ነን የሚል ሸንጋይ ቃል እና ከተጠያቂነት ለመሸሽ የምታደርጋት ፕሮፓጋንዳ የትም አታደርስህም!። አንድ ቀን ለህግ ትቀርባለህ ህዝብ ይፋረድሃል ጠብቅ!።

  6. Nigus Hiluf Abay says:

    ከሰው ህይወት መቕጠፍ፡ የሃይማኖት ተቋማት መቃጠል እና ንብረት ውድመት እና ጥፋት በኋላ መጎብኘት ምን ሊያደርግል ነው?
    እነ ጃ-War አስቀድመው በሃይል እንደሚቆጣጠሩት ሲዝቱ እያየ መንግስት ቅድመ ጥንቃቄ አለማድረጉ 100% ሃላፊነት መውሰድ አለበት።
    አሁን ወጣም ወረደም እጺህ እኩይ ተግባር የተሳተፉት በሙሉ በቁጥጥር ስር ውለው አስቸኳይ እና አስተማሪ ትምህርት የሚሰጥ አርምጃ መወሰድ አለበት።
    አለበለዝያ ለቀጣይ እንደዚህ ላለመደገሙ ምን ዋስትና አለው?
    ቆፍጠን ያለ እርምጃ ነው አስፈላጊው ነገር!
    ወሬ ሳይሆን በተግባር ይቀጡ!!!
    አቦ ህዝቡ አያሳዝናችሁም?
    ሼም ኦን ዩ!!!

  7. Rabia Mohammed says:

    እኔ እኮ የሚገርመኝ ሁሌም እንደዚህ እየተፈጠረ እየቀጠለ እየሄደ መንግስት ለምንድን ነው ዝም የሚለው ፈጣሪ ሆይ እረ ሰላምን አውርድልን

  8. hussen fereju desalegn says:

    ለዝ ሁሉ ነባረት ወደማት ሜክናያት መንም አይደልም የክልሉ ረዕስ አስትደደሩ ነው
    ለፈረድ ይቅረብልን

  9. Anteneh Yimeyur says:

    Head of the state Mr. Mattios is responsible for the loss of life and property. Mr. Prime Minister, what is your job. Why you did not take proactive measures before these kind of hate and racism act happened. Please it is common sense to expect this will happen.

    We expecting swift justice for innocent citizens and investors. State and local authorities, tax payers are paying your salaries to taking care of their life and property. You should resign or say sorry for this tragedy.

  10. Tazabi Mihur says:

    የዘረኝነት መጨረሻ!

  11. Tazabi Mihur says:

    የዘረኝነት መጨረሻ!

  12. ደማም Taye says:


  13. ደማም Taye says:


  14. ደማም Taye says:

    Ere hageren min nekaw

  15. Fdkjdjd Fdhce says:

    ያሳዝናል ሰው ባገሩ በሰላም እማይኖርበት አገር ጀዋር ለፍርድ ይቅረብ

  16. Jhonይመችህ a Bisrat says:

    ከማን ጋር እየነርመናችን ያሳስበኛል ማረን ወያኔ ወያነ ወያኔ።

  17. Tadu Tadesse says:

    ግን ለምን የጉራጌ ና የአማራ ሕዝብ እየተለየ እንዲ የሚጨፈጨፉት እግዚአብሔር ምህረት ያድርግላቸው

  18. Temesgen Senbetu says:

    ዓለም መቼም ሰላም አትሆንም ምክንያቱ ያኢያሱስ መምጫ ዳርሴሀል ኢያሱስ ይመጣል

  19. almaiyga Anvzga says:

    Kemotu in a ketgodu behala gubigti midinew?????? 😢😢😢😢😢😢yesrachun ystachu

  20. Abyssinia፡ ለዘላለም። says:

    After bila ante Jawar Isis hunehal antema

  21. Thomas Damour says:

    yezihe houlou chgre teteyaki gouhare new beyehedebet esate eyelekouse misekinoun hezebe yafagale egeziyabeher yeserawen yesetaw

  22. የተዋህዶ ልጅ ነኝ የድግል ማረያም says:

    የአባቶች የተነገሩት እውነት ነው የእውነት የአባቶች ያሉት ጥሩ ነው እያጠፉ እያቃጠሉ ያሉት ለምን አዪያዙም ተዪዘው ወደ ህግ መቅረብ አለባቸው

  23. Karey Kheriya says:

    ሚሊዬን መትዮስ አንታ ለፊርድ መቅራበ አለበት አስመሰይ ዶክተረ አብይ ጁሐር እዃን ደስ አላቹ እሄን ነበር ምትፈልጉት ወይኔ ቀድሞ መከለከል እየታቸለ በጣም የሰዚናል💔

  24. Melese Tasesse says:

    እኔ የሚገርመኝ ይህ ሁሉ ሲሆን የት ነበራቹ መንግስት የሌለበት አገር

  25. Melese Tasesse says:

    ይህሁሉ ሲሆን ይትነበራቹ የክልል ——— ይምትባሉ ?
    ክልልን ብሎ ይመረተ ሰው ከመጀመርያው ነፍሱ አይማር አይሜሩ

  26. Birtukan Tesfaye says:

    ጌታ ሆይ የመቼ ነው ደሞ """???? እግዚአብሔር አምላክ ለህዝባችን ፍቅር ለሀገራችን ሰላምን ይስጥልን

  27. Abeba Yegle says:

    እኔ ግን ይሄ አይዞችሁ የሚል ቃል ብቻ ነው ቃጫ ቃጫ ያለኝ ትግስት እስከመቼ

  28. መቸ ነዉ የምነጋዉ ሀያት ያላሕ ልጅ ያላሕ ባራ says:

    አቤቱ ጌታየ የሰዉ ዉድመት መቸነዉ የሚበቃዉ ቀጣይ ክፍለሐገር ደሞ የት ይሖን የምገሉት አይይይይ አተ ፈጣሪ እረ ተመልከተን

  29. ሰላሜ በየሱስ ነዉ !!! says:

    ግን ጅዋር የሚባል ሰይጣን የሚገድለዉ ጠፋ ማለት ነዉ

  30. Rita Rita says:

    እኔ ምለው የክልሉ መንግስትና ፀጥታ አስከባሪ ወይም ፖሊሶች ምንድነው ሚሰሩት ይሄን ያህል ንብረትና ሰው ሲገደሉ መግስት ባለበት ሀገር እንዲ ምስቅልቅሉ የወጣው እረ ተው ግን የሰው ነብስ ምታጠፉ አረመኔዎች እናንተ ቤተሰብ የላችሁም በሰው ላይ እንዲህ ምጨክኑት እንተ ሰው ገላችሁ ንብረት አውድማችሁ ቤተክርስቲያን አጥላችሁ እስቲ ምን የተለወጠ ነገር አለ እንደው በምትወዱት አምላክ ይሄን ተው የትም አያደርሰንም ብንፋቀር ነው ሚሻለን

  31. Waga Fanta says:

    በጣም ያሳዝናን ግን ለምድነው ሰው ሰርትወ ለንወረ እረ ድው አምላክየ በቃ በለን እሰከመቸ

  32. kurat ratayhonme says:

    Zelalem yemayseletsne people. Ere Dr. Abiy mnew 1 ken bekagn blo yleylet yhe mehaym people…….

  33. እግዚአብሔር እረኛዬ ነው says:

    እግዚአብሔር አባት ሆይ እባክህን በምህረት ተመልከተን

  34. Lana sadi says:

    E/r Etiyopyan yitabikati lela minm yamnilaw naGeri yekam

  35. hikma Habshwte says:

    ካረብ አገር ወጡ በንባል እናት አገር አለችን እንላለን ካሜሪካ በአጠቃላ ከሀበሻ ውጪ ያለን ሀበሻኦች ወጡ በንባል አኛም አገር አለን ብለን ጥለን እወጣለን ካአገራችን ስንፈናቀል የትነው መግበያችን ያሱበሀነክ ያላህ ሰላሙን አውርድልን

  36. layla mohamed says:

    አቶ ሚሊዮን ተጠያቂ ነህ ዛሬ ያለው አመራር ባይጠይቅህ ወደፊት ግን አይቀርልህም

  37. mezmur tube says:

    ሰላም እና ፍቅር አንድነት አምላክ ይስጠን በያላችሁበት አምላክ ይጠብቃችሁ ሀገራችን ኢትዮጵይን ሰላም ያርግልን ክፉን ያርቅልን

  38. munira kamal says:

    Yasferale yhe sera imenuye yee wayane newo😌😌😌😌😌😌yeso ika maktele medenu

  39. munira kamal says:


  40. awol seid says:

    ይሄ ሁሉ የጋላ ስራነው አማራን ብቻ ለማጥፋት ታልሞ የተስራ ስራ ነው

  41. Mahboba Elaf says:


  42. Abeba hailu says:

    ኢትዮጵያ ከዚ ችግር የምትላቀቅበት ግዜ ናፈቀኝ

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